Srimad Ramayanam !! Sri Rama Pattabhisheka Sarga: !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!


Maharishi Valmiki describes the glorious event of Sri Rama Pattabhisheka/ the coronation ceremony of Rama as the King of Ayodhya.  Bharatha, the provider of immense happiness to Kaikeyi and younger brother of Rama approached Rama with folded hands above his head and gave a warm welcome to his brother to the city of Ayodhya.  Bharatha spoke “Oh! Rama! The Kingdom of Ayodhya was well protected at the command of you in your absence and it is the time to return the possession of the same.  I am exhausted with the responsibility of the same.” Bharatha graciously compares himself as a lowest and weak to carry out the functioning of a Kingdom.   Shathrugna brought men to clear matted hair locks of Rama and Lakshman.  Rama was adorned with flower garlands and sandal paste all over his marvelous body.  Widows of King Dasaratha adorned Sita beautifully with most precious pieces of jewels.  Kousalya was extremely happy; she embellished the wives of Vanaras with her own hand.  Shatrugna ordered Sumantra, the charioteer to bring the magnificently decorated chariot to the assembly.  Rama gracefully took a seat on the grand chariot, Sugriva and Anjaneya in splendid clothes and ornaments escorted Rama.  Sita elegantly followed by the wives of Sugriva in a chariot to visit the Kingdom of Ayodhya.  The prominent ministers of Kingdom of Ayodhya, Ashoka, Vijaya, and Siddhartha were immersed in the prime discussion with the priests about the coronation ceremony of Rama.  Rama, the righteous prince mounted on the chariot, Bharatha took up the reins of the horses, Shathtrugna holding umbrella above Rama, Lakshman winning the fan, Vibhishana holding the Chamara, the Maruthganas, deities and Sages and celestials were chanting the Vedic hymns, followed by Sugriva and prominent Vanaras mounted on an elephant Shatrunjaya, all those Vanaras were assumed the form of humans and beautifully dressed were mounted on the nine thousand elephants.  The procession of Rama was followed by the auspicious noises of drum beats and  divine musical instruments gracefully moved through the city of Ayodhya.  The people of the Kingdom of Ayodhya witnessed the most enthralling form of Rama along with his brothers.  The procession of Rama was followed by a huge crowd of ministers, Vedic Brahmins and the citizens of Ayodhya, Rama shone like a moon amongst the stars.   Rama graciously introduced Sugriva, Vibhishana and the prominent Vanaras and their commendable service to the ministers.  At last, the procession arrived in the grand palace of Ikshvaku dynasty.  Rama paid obeisance to mother Kousalya, Sumitra and Kaikeyi.   Rama enthusiastically instructed Bharatha to offer his palace to Sugriva to reside.   As a part of the coronation ceremony Sugriva instructed the mighty Vanaras Sushena, Rishabha, Gavaya, Nala handing them with 4 golden pots to bring water contained jewels from the oceans located in four directions.  Shortly Vanaras Jambavan, Anjaneya, and Vegadharshi returned with waters from 500 holy rivers.  Sushena brought the sea water contained jewels from Eastern side, Rishabha brought from  sea water covered with red sandal wood from Southern side, Gavaya brought sea water contained jewels from Western side and Nala brought sea water from Northern side and sacred bath was performed to Rama. 



Sage Vashishta was duly informed with the progress of coronation ceremony; the divine couple Lord Rama and Goddess Sita was seated on a precious stone in the presence of Sage Vashishta, Vamadeva, Kashyapa, Suyajana, Vijaya and Gautama had the resemblances of Ashta Vasukkal.  Sage Vashishta initiated the coronation ceremony, followed by Vedic chants and sprinkling of the holy water on Rama.  A majestic crown decorated with precious stones and gems which were previously adorned by Manu of Ikshvaku dynasty and his lineage was duly adorned to Rama by Sage Vashishta and declared as the King of Ayodhya.   Shatrugna was holding Chathram over Rama and Sita. Sugriva and Visbhishana was holding Chamara, Lord Vayu presented the gift of Lord Indra an golden garland embellished with one hundred golden lotuses, pearl garlands, the celestial Gandharvas sang delightfully and the celestial dancers were gracefully danced to the tunes.  The nature revealed its merriment on this brilliant occasion.  Rama benevolently offered hundred thousands of cow and horses, thirty cores of golden coins, jewels and cloths as charity to Vedic Brahmins.  Rama offered a beautiful prayer beads embedded with precious stones and gems to Sugriva, an enthralling bracelet conspicuously studded with precious stones and gems to Angada, a peal string embedded with superior gems, stone and  precious ornaments to Sita.  She took the pearl string and stared at her husband; spoke with her beautiful glance about her wish to provide it to the perfect Vanara who has sharpness of mind, intelligence, compassion, clarity in speech, prowess and benevolence.  She repeatedly stared at the Vanaras assembled and offered the pearl string to Anjaneya.  All the Vanaras assembled were presented with various precious ornaments and jewels, Maina, Dvivida, Neela, Jambavan, Sugriva, Anjaneya and Vibhishna were honored with appropriate gifts.  All the Vanaras bade farewell to Rama and returned to Kishkindha.   King Vibhishna after receiving the Kuladhana/Idol of Lord Vishnu worshipped by the Ikshvaku Dynasty returned to Lanka.  Rama generously advised Lakshmana to rule Ayodhya with him, but Lakshmana was not willing to take up position and eventually Bharatha was assigned with the task.  Rama conducted various Yagas and Yagnas like Pundarika, Ashwamedha, Vajapeya etc…and propitiated the deities.  Rama adored the kinship for 10,000 years and performed various Yagas and Yagnas to please the deities.  Rama with Lakshmana as his companion successfully ruled the Earth, there were no widows in the Kingdom, and citizens were well protected from all the dangers of wild animals, thieves and robbers, there was no illnesses, there was abundance of peace and prosperity prevailed, all the creatures were felt peaceful, life span of the people lived were 1000 years, they lived happily with thousands of progeny free from grief and illnesses.  The people lived in the city has nothing to talk other than Rama, Rama, Rama, the seasons were performed its duties very well, the trees were bearing fruits and flowers in all the seasons.  The four Varnas such as Brahmin, Kshaktriya, Vaishya and Shudras performed their responsibilities very well without any greed.  The people lived in this city of Ayodhya were truly righteous.


Phalasruthi :  Whoever listens to the glorious myth of Lord Rama composed by Maharishi Valmiki would be endowed with righteousness, fame, virtues, longevity, protected from all the misfortunes, virtuous offspring, wisdom and intelligence, prosperity and over power their enemies.  The abundance of pieties’ includes bestowed with the honorable sons like Rama, Lakshmana, Bharatha & Shatrugna to Kousalya, Sumitra and Kaikeyi and lives happily with children and grandchildren.  Whoever listens to the glorious compositions attentively would be relieved from all the difficulties and whoever separated from the families and relatives will be united.  Whoever reads the glories of Rama would be blessed by the deities, the houses where the glories of Rama’s chanted would be relieved from all the obstacles.  The worshipper would be relieved from all the sins.  The Kshakthriyas should listen to this great epic after offering salutations to a Brahmin that would provide salvation.  Rama is the supreme Lord/ Vishnu descended to Earth for the protection of righteousness (Yadha Yadha Hi Dharmasya Glanir Bhavathi Bharatha | Abhyuthanam Adharmasya Thathathmanam Srujamyaham ||) and the great serpant Anantha as Lakshmana.  Listening or reading the glorious epic Srimad Ramayanam would please the forefathers/Pithrus.  Whoever describes this glorious myth devotedly would reside in the heaven.

                                                            Jai Sriman Narayana !!


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