Personification of Lord Ganesha !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Jai Ganesha !!

Bala Ganapthi – Child form of Lord carrying Mango, Sugarcane,Banana, Jackfruit and Modhak on the trunk
Tharuna Gapanathi –Youthful form of Lord Ganesha, he has 8 arms with fierce weapons like Noose, Goad, Modhak, Lotus, Wood Apple, broken piece of his Tusk, Sugar cane etc.
Bhakthi Ganapathi – Lord in meditation, carrying Mango, Banana, Coconut and Vessel full of Kheer

Veera Ganapathi – Valorous form of Lord with 16 arms holding malicious weapons like Goad, Disc, Bow & Arrow, Sword, Shield, Spear, Mace, Axe, Trident etc..
Shakthi Ganapathi – Provider of mental as well as physical strength /courage.  Lord has his Shakthi on his right thigh, the three arms holding noose, goad, and garland and fourth hand in Abhaya Hastha posture.
Dwija Ganapathi – The twice born Lord (Shivapuranam describes the myth of elephant faced Lord) holding Palm leaves, noose, goad, water pot and prayer beads,
Siddhi Ganapathi – Provider of Ashtma Siddhis (Anima, Garima, Mahima, Lagima, Prapathi, Prakasyam, Eesitham and  Vasithwam) holding flower bouquet, axe, mango, sugar cane and sweetened sesame balls on the trunk
Ucchishta Ganapathi –  6 armed Lord holding Lakshmi on his right thigh, carrying the divine musical instrument Veena, Pomegrante, blue lotus and strings of prayer beads
Vigna Ganapathi – Remover of obstacles, Lord with eight hands carrying Axe, Disc, Noose, Conch, Bouquet of flowers, Sugar Cane, Flower Arrow and Modhak

 Kshipra Ganapathi – Quickly pleased and giver of boons – Lord carrying trunk, noose, goad, Kalpavruksha and holding pot full of gems on his trunk.
Heramba Ganapathi – Protector of weak  - Five faced Lord carrying Noose, Prayer Beads, Axe, Hammer, Tusk, Garland, Fruit Modhak, and  riding on a lion,
Lakshmi Ganapathi – Provider of wisdom and achievement along with wealth – Lord holding Shakthi on his right thigh carrying parrot, pomegranate, sword, goad, noose, Kalpavruksha and Abhaya Hastha posture
Maha Ganapathi – Lord of initial worship.  Any worship or rituals without the initial worship of Lord Maha Ganapathi remains unfruitful.  Lord beautifully carrying Shakthi on his right thigh, his hands holding tusk, pomegranate, blue lilly, Sugar cane, disc, noose, string of unprocessed crop, mace and pot of gems on his trunk.
Vijaya Ganapathi – Provider of Victory on his celestial vehicle mouse.  Lord carrying tusk, goad, noose, mango,
Nrithya Ganapathi – The dancing form of Lord carrying tusk, goad, noose and Modhak, settled under the Kalpavruksha
Urdhva Ganapathi – Lord beautifully carrying Shakthi on his right thigh, his six hands holding string of unprocessed crop, lotus, sugarcane, bow and arrow with a lotus on his tusk
Ekakshara Ganapathi – Gam Ganapathi carrying crescent moon as his crown, seated on the mouse, holding noose, pomegranate, tusk and goad, another hand in Abhaya Hastha posture.
Varada Ganapathi – Giver of Boon – carrying crescent moon as crown and Shakthi on his thigh, holding pot of nectar, noose, goad and a pot of jewels on his trunk
Thryakshara Ganapathi – Lord represents the Pranava Manthra ‘AUM’ - Lord carrying tusk, goad, noose, Mango and Modhak on his trunk
Kshipra Prasada Ganapathi – Provider of boon promptly – holding noose, goad, tusk, Pomegranate, lotus and Kalpavruksha
Haridra Ganapathi – Lord with a broken tusk, noose, Goad and Modhak on his trunk
Eka Dhantha Ganapathi – Elephant faced Lord with one tusk, his hands carrying prayer beads, Axe, broken tusk and  a vessel full of Laddu on his trunk
Srishti Ganapathi – Lord mounted on his celestial vehicle mouse and carrying noose, Goad, broken tusk and a Mango
Uddhanda Ganapathi – Preserver of righteousness carrying Pot of Gems, blue Lilly, Sugar cane, Mace, Lotus , string of unprocessed crop, Pomegranate, noose, garland and broken tusk


Runamochana Ganapathi – Remover of Runas (Every human beings are born with the three Runa(sins) such as  Pitru Runa, Rishi Runa and Deva Runa ) holding noose, broken tusk, goad, Mango,
Dhundhi Ganapathi – Lord carrying prayer beads of Rudraksha, tusk, goad, axe and the trunk holding a pot of gems
Dwimukha Ganapathi – Two faced Lord holding noose, goad, tusk and a pot full of gems

Thrimukha Ganapathi – Three faced Lord - Lord seated on a Lotus holding weapons like noose, goad, prayer beads and Vessel of nectar on his trunk with Abhaya Hastha posture
Simha Ganapathi – Lord mounted on a Lion –Yoga Ganapathi – Lord on meditating posture holding noose, prayer beads and sugarcane
Durga Ganapathi – Remover of Ignorance, holding bow and arrow, noose, goad, prayer beads, tusk and rose apple on his trunk
 Sankatahara Ganapathi – Remover of  grief and pains, seated on a lotus flower carrying vessel of Modhak, Goad, and Noose with one hand in Abhyahastha posture
 Jai Ganesha !!
Jai Sriman Narayana !!




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