Srimad Ramayanam/ Kishkindha Kandam !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Maharishi Valmiki describes the enchanting beauty of Pampa Lake and its surroundings.   The tranquility and the rich natural beauty of Pampa Lake added grief to Rama,   he terribly missed the presence of his dearest wife Sita who was followed him like a shadow all through these years.  The separation from her tortured him relentlessly and he forgot hunger and thirst.  The beauty of Pampa Lake and its surroundings with full of blooming Lotuses of different colors, crystal clear water, cool breeze, varieties of flowers of different fragrances, trees of various fruits, chirping of birds of various species etc… tormented Rama.  None of above was comforting for Rama, he intolerably missed the loveliest company of Sita and the constant memories about her haunted him day and night.  Therefore all the beautiful things around him besieged Rama. The attractive environment of flowers like Mogra, Sindhuka, Vaasanthi, Maadhavi, Bilwa, Madhooka, Vakula, Champaka, Tilaka, Padmaka, Neela, Asoka, Karnikara, Kusuma and Naga were spread out with its fragrances failed to attract his attention.  The huge trees of Lodhara, Alangium, Kurantaka, Poornaka, Devadaru, Mango,Muchukunda, Palm, Udhhalaka, Shirisha, Shimshupa, Dhava, Cotton Tree, Palasha, Mehendi, Tinisha, Naktamala, Sandalwood, Spandana, Hintala, Tilaka, etc….. Were noticeably stretched over its branches with full of flowers and fruits were no more attractive to him.  Rama lamented over his fate and anxious about how to inform the loss of Sita to King Janaka and Mother Kousalya and how to calm them from the wretchedness etc...  Rama reveals his helplessness to live without his lovely wife to Lakshman.  Lakshman comforts Rama and reminds the purpose of his birth and responsibility as the eldest son of King Dasaratha in Ikshvaku dynasty.  Rama heavy heartedly moved through the Mount Rishyamukh with Lakshman.  Seeing the two warriors with extraordinary charisma and braveness the Monkey King Sugriva and his assembly were fretful, they mistook Rama and Lakshman as warriors of Monkey King Vali, brother of Sugriva was assigned to kill him.  Anjaneya, one of the chief of Sugriva’s assembly was extremely optimistic, pouring encouraging words to King Sugriva and his men that the two valiant men are definitely not harmful to them.  Anjaneya advices Sugriva that the fear caused by Vali and his deceitful deeds were made Sugriva too concerned about his safety and security constantly.  Anjaneya had a thoughtful conversation with Sugriva and decided to approach the two warriors.  At last, Sugriva ordered Anjaneya to have a dialogue with the two extremely valiant youths and find their intention of visit this part of the forest, if their intentions were truly harmless receive them as the guest of Sugriva.  Anjaneya, a sincere servant of King Sugriva headed towards Rama and Lakshman.



Maharishi Valmiki describes the compassion, intelligence and fearlessness of Anjaneya all through the coming chapters in Sundarakandam and Yuddha Kandam as well.  Anjaneya assumed the form of an ascetic as instructed by Sugriva and took a big leap from the mount Rishyamukh.   Anjaneya who was famous for his profound knowledge in the construction and utilization of appropriate words and speech, approached Rama and Lakshman reverentially greeted them with adoration.  Anjaneya admires the magnetism of Rama; he praises the extra-ordinarily attractive physical features of him and enquiring whether he belongs to Devaloka, or Gandharvas, or Kings.   Further, he introduced himself as the son of Lord Vayu and Anjana Devi, minister of righteous monkey King Sugriva.  He narrates the grievous incident happened to Sugriva who was tormented by his brother Vali, eventually abolished from his Kingdom and detained his dearest wife.   Anjaneya graciously express his thought that the association of Rama with Sugriva would serve their needs in an efficient manner; moreover Sugriva would be pleased to have the friendship of mighty warriors like Rama & Lakshman.   Ananeyas reveals his original form and courteously replied that he would be able to assume any form as he desired, it was the suggestion of King Sugriva to approach them in the form of a saintly person and not to intimidate them with his real form.    After listening to the intellectual talk of Anjaneya, Rama was delighted and praised his imperative knowledge.  Rama commented that the knower of Rig, Yajur, Sama and Atharvana Veda alone would be able to converse in the above manner which Anjaneya effortlessly accomplished.   Anjaneya’s cleverly speech gave out a clue about his master Sugriva.  Rama and Lakshmana were understood the persona of  Sugriva from the speech of Anjaneya. 



Lakshman explains to Anjaneya about their purpose of visit to Mount Rishyamukh.  He introduces Rama to Anjaneya as the eldest son of righteous Emperor of Ayodhya King Dasaratha and elder brother to him.  Rama was exiled from his Kingdom at the command of his father, in order to keep up the promise given to his father, Rama moved to the woodlands with his dearest wife Sita.  During their expedition through the wild forest, Sita was abducted by the demon King Ravana.  Lakshman introduced himself as the younger brother to Rama.  Anjaneya was turned too remorseful after listening to the heartrending incidents in the life of Rama.  Lakshman enquired about the monkey King Sugriva and his whereabouts.  Anjaneya advice them that Sugriva an honorable/pious King of monkeys would be reliable at all times from whom Rama can accept shelter and help.  Anjaneya narrates the pathetic stories about Sugriva that he lost his Kingdom and banished to woodlands by the treacherous deed of his own brother Vali.  Anjaneya concludes that Sugriva and his huge army of Vanaras would be helpful in all manners to locate Sita.  Rama was pleased at the courteous response of Anjaneya and decided to follow his opinion.  Anjaneya dutifully accompanied Rama & Lakshman to the camp of Sugriva.



Anjaneya introduces Rama and Lakshman to Sugriva in a gracious manner.  He introduced Rama as the son of righteous ruler King Dasaratha of Kingdom of Ayodhya from the lineage of Ikshvaku Dynasty, who had performed Rajasuya Yagna, Ashvamedha Yagna and provided enormous charity when he was alive.   Anjaneya narrates the reason for their visit to Mount Rishyamukha and their willingness to accept companionship with Sugriva.   Sugriva was delighted at the association of Rama & Lakshman, they embraced each other with a promise to be together throughout this endeavor.  Sugriva had a poignant conversation with Rama about his pathetic life and loss of his Kingdom and his wife Ruma to his brother Vali.    Rama pacified Sugriva and promised that he will take all the necessary actions to defeat Vali and get back his Kingdom and his wife.  In the meantime,  Sugriva passionately reveals the information that he had seen Sita helplessly calling out the names of Rama and Lakshmna for help when she was detained by the demon King Ravana, she also  dropped some of  her jewelries in the jungle were kept safely by him.  Once again Rama regained his vigor and urged Sugriva to show them.  Lakshman revealed his helplessness to identify the jewels of his sister-in-law, because he had observed only her feet while paying salutation.  So he was completely unaware of the jewels Sita used to adorn her body.  Rama holds all those jewelries close to his heart and wept bitterly out of agony.  Sugriva console Rama that very soon he would bring back his dearest wife from the clutches of the demon King.  Both of them comforted each other with soothing and highly intellectual words with a promise to help each other.



Rama and Lakshman comfortably settled in a place with Sugriva and began their conversation about the mighty warrior Vali,  brother of Sugriva who caused utter desolation in the life of him and abducted his dearest wife Ruma.  Sugriva with tears overflowing narrated the miseries caused by his brother to him.  Vali, the elder brother to Sugriva was a powerful warrior.  He was admired and loved by everyone in their family, immediately after the demise of their father he was declared as heir to the throne of Kishkindha.  He was turned out discourteous and selfish after attaining the powers and mistreated his people.  There was a demon Mayavi, son of Maya and elder brother to demon Dhundhubi, he had long time enmity towards Vali.  One night Mayavi arrived in Kishkindha and tortured the people of the Kingdom, so that the whole monkeys were screeched out of fear of death and it created a huge mayhem.   Vali who was fast asleep got out of his chamber irritatingly due to those havoc, soon Sugiva followed his brother dutifully.  Vali with all his powers attacked the fierce demon Mayavi, the fight between the two mighty warriors continued.  Suddenly, Mayavi disappeared from the sight of Vali and entered into a cave.  Vali hurried to the cave like a thunder after giving strict instruction to Sugriva to stay on the mouth of the cave, he scurried inside the cave.  The battle between the two continued for long, after some time there was streams of blood oozed out of the cave.  There was no response from Vali, so the entire monkey clan thought of Vali was killed in the fight with the demon Mayavi.  They covered the mouth of the cave and Sugriva performed oblations and homage to his brother.  Sugriva and the clan of monkeys returned to Kishkindha and eventually Sugriva was crowned as the King of Kishkindha.  Shortly, Vali returned to Kishkindha and found Sugriva was crowned as the King, it was created a vengeance against Sugriva.  Vali turned out haughty, fought against Sugriva with all his mighty forces and banished Sugriva from Kishkindha and detained his wife Ruma in his custody.  Sugriva admiringly narrates Vali’s dedication towards Vedic scriptures & rituals and his worship of Lord Surya starts at the time of Brahma muhurtham crossing the 7 oceans offering Arkhyam, Parkhyam,  Achamanam etc.. in the worship of Lord Surya.   In this way, Vali attained mystic powers.  Once, the demon Dhundhubi, who had the strength of 1000 elephants, challenged Samudrarajan for a fight.  Samudrarajan/ King of ocean revealed his unwillingness to have a fight with him; instead he prompted Dhundhubi to fight against Himavan who was well known for his bravery.  Himavan who was proficient in the diplomatic speeches informed Dhundhubi that he has no intention to fight with him, he was known for sheltered Sages and Rishis.  Dhundhubi screams at Mount Himavan to instruct who possess the mightiness to fight against him, eventually Himavan mentioned the name of Vali ruler of Kishkindha to him.    Vali and Dhundhubi had a fierce battle and the latter was killed and the blood of malicious Dhundhubi spoilt the purity of the hermitage of Sage Mathanga.   Sage Mathanga cursed Dhundhubi to turn out a mountain of skeleton.  Vali was also cursed by Sage Mathanga, later he was relieved from the curse with a promise not to return to the wild forest of Mount Rishyamukha.  Sugriva urges Rama that if he is capable to flip the mountain of skeletons of Dhundhubi and strike the seven trees at one shot of an arrow would affirm the end of Vali.   Sugriva earnestly prays to Rama that the opinion above said was not to examine his potential.  Rama was pleased at the modest and self-less nature of Sugriva.  He flipped the mount of skeleton with his right toe effortlessly.  Sugriva praised the glories of Rama with lot of admiration.



Rama advises Sugriva to invite Vali for a duo fight.  Sugriva who had abundance of faith in the words of Rama approaches Vali, but unfortunately Sugriva returns with failure.  Sugriva was badly wounded and return with utter shame, he inquires Rama why he was not there to rescue him at the warfare.  Rama reveals the truth that the two brothers were looks similar caused difficulty in identifying Sugriva.   Rama advices Sugriva to wear a flower garland and enter in the fighting field with Vali for the second time.    While proceeding to Kishkindha Rama visits the hermitage of Saptharishis.   Sugriva encounters Vali as suggested by Rama.  Vali was followed by his wife Thara, daughter of Sage Brihaspathi discourages Vali to fight against Sugriva who has abundance of support from Rama, but Thara’s advices were dismissed by Vali.  The fierce fight between Vali and Sugriva began, at one point Sugriva sought help from Rama.  Rama shot an arrow that hits Vali on his chest and he fallen on the ground with a thud.  Vali was an ardent devotee of Rama desired for the death in the hands of him that would provides salvation, Vali recognized the godly nature of Rama at the time of death.  Rama compassionately sermonize the righteousness and the principles of Sanatana Dharma to Vali.  Rama concludes his speech with the quintessence of the purpose of life on Earth as to attain Purusharthas such as Dharma/righteousness, Artha/wealth, Kama/desires and eventually Moksha/Salvation.  Vali revealed his undeviating affection towards his son Angadha who crave to have attractive ornaments to embellish on his strong arms and earnestly pray to Rama to guide him and protect him.   Vali requests Sugriva to take care of Angadha as his own son and presented Sugriva with the divine pendant gifted by his father and advice him to rule Kishkindha wisely.   Rama affirms to Vali that Angadha and Thara will be taken care with all the honors and rights,   the punishable should be punished in order to protect the righteousness and Vali begged for forgiveness to Rama for his immoral conduct and left his mortal coil.  Thara rushed to her feet and approached her dead husband, she fallen unconscious.  After regaining consciousness she lamented over the death of her husband and blames Sugriva and Rama were responsible for the death of her husband.  She wept bitterly at the separation of her husband, Anjaneya consoles Thara that Angadha will be taken care and she will be the empress of Kingdom of Kishkindha, but Thara pronounce her desire to die with her husband and requests Rama to shoot her with the same arrow that killed her husband or she would embrace self-sacrifice in the funeral pyre of her husband.    Sugriva lamented over the hostility he had with his own brother and he revealed his intention to give up life in his brother’s funeral pyre.



Rama advises Sugriva to proceed for funeral pyre of Vali and the last rites were performed by Angadha and Sugriva.  At the strong recommendation of Rama the coronation ceremony of Sugriva as the King of Kishkindha was executed in a grand manner.  Rama who was strict follower of Veda Sastra and the rules and regulations prescribed in the scriptures refuses to enter the Kingdom of Kishkindha to perform the coronation ceremony of Sugriva and appoint Angadha as crown prince, he benevolently proposes Anjaneya to carry out the auspicious function.  As a part of coronation ceremony, ritual bath of Sugriva with the holy water collected from the oceans and holy rivers in the golden pot was performed by the prominent Vanaras like Gaja, Gavaksha, Gavaya, Sharabha, Gandhamadhana, Mainadha, Dwividha, Hanuman and Jambava.   Once again, Sugriva reunited with his dearest wife Ruma, they remembered Rama with utmost reverence and gratitude.  



Rama and Lakshman proceed to Mount Prasavana, rich of natural beauty. Rama terribly misses the presence of his dearest wife and sunk in utter grief, Lakshman pacifies his brother that the moment of finding Sita coming closer.  Rama eulogizes the significance of Varsha/rainy season and Chathurmasya Vrutham and close link with the month Bhadrapada and Sama Veda.  He remembers the beauty of brimming river Sarayu and the austerities followed during the months of Chathurmasya by his dearest brother Bharatha.



Anjaneya reminds Sugriva about the vow he had with Rama in locating Sita.    Anjaneya praises Sugriva’s strong bond with Rama and urges Surgriva to assign the efficient warriors in his army of Vanaras on this serious mission.   Anjaneya affirms that Rama as unconquerable man on Earth by any of the evil forces, he insists Sugriva to appoint the huge army of monkeys in the search of Sita.  The noble hearted Sugriva commanded Nila, chief of the warriors to gather their army of Vanaras and execute them in the process of search of Sita in all directions, also ordered Nila that the troop of the monekys returns unsuccessful would be punished to death.  Sugriva instructs Anjaneya to guide Angada with seniors like Jambanvan.  Immediately Sugriva retired to his personal chamber to be with Ruma.



Rama eloguized the importance of Sharad Ritu/Autumn and became more remorseful in the absence of Sita.  Lakshman was fuming with anger towards Sugriva for not taking any initiative in search of Sita.  He was more anxious to see his dearest brother in a wretched state.  Lakshman mistook Sugriva that he was having pleasurable time with his wife and enjoying the luxuries in his Kingdom.  Lakshman infuriatingly declares that he will kill Sugriva for not keeping the promise to Rama and precede the search for Sita with Angada.  Rama advises Lakshman to have patience on this matter and proceed to Kishkinda to meet Sugriva.    Lakshman approached Kishkindha like a fire ball, the large number of Vanaras were assembled for the search of Sita were ran off from the sight of Lakshman, he could visualize the flourishing city of Kishkindha and the stunning mansions of prominent Vanaras like Dwivida, Gavya, Gavaksha, Gaja, Sharabha, Vidyunmali, Sampathi, Suryaksha, Hanuman,  Nala, Veerabhahu, Neela, Subhahu, Kumudha, Sushena, Thara,  Jambavan, Jambavantha, Dwivaktra, Supathala and Sunethra.   He entered the palace of Sugriva like a thunderbolt and ordered Angada to inform his arrival to Sugriva.  Angada courteously invited Lakshman and hurried to inform his step father.  He paid obeisance to Sugriva who was utterly in an intoxicated mood.  Anjaneya describes the reason for Lakshmana’s fury and advice Sugriva to plead for mercy.  Thara moves towards Lakshmana at the instruction of Sugriva and tries to pacify him.



Lakshman approaches Sugriva in a fury and preaches the Dharma Sastra, failing to keep promise would cause the sin of killing one self and his kith and kin.   Lakshman blames Sugriva for not rendering any help or initiative to locate Sita as promised to Rama and threatens to kill him.  Sugriva apologizes to Lakshman and affirms his support to Rama in finding Sita once again and profusely regret for getting trapped into the luxuries and sensual pleasures.   Finally, both of them feels penitent towards each other for their actions and Lakshman’s rage melted into ice, he advises Sugriva to meet Rama at once.


As an initial process all the gigantic Vanaras with mighty power from the Mount Mahendragiri, Mount Himalaya, Mount Vindhyachala, Mount Kailash, Udayadri, Asthadri, Anjanadri and Mount Mandara were summoned and Anjaneya was assigned the task of deploy them on the mission. All the mighty Vanaras reverentially stood before Sugriva with their gifts and fruits.  They collectively revealed their willingness to take part in this mission, waiting for further orders.  Sugreeva and Lakshman were seated in a golden chariot and proceed to Mount Prasavana and meets Rama.  Sugriva prostrated before Rama, he was too remorseful for being deviated from the promise to Rama.  Rama passionately embraces Sugriva who was already a younger brother to Rama and enlightens Sugriva on righteousness of a ruler and virtues of Purushartha and the eternal bliss.   Sugriva realized his mistake and felt disgrace of him for being too selfish and gratifying sensual pleasures, prosperity and popularity.    Sugriva praises Rama and Lakshman for their compassion.   Sugriva informs Rama about the zillions and zillions of mighty Vanaras waiting for his order to proceed and confront the demon King Ravana.  Rama was extremely delighted at the genuine efforts of Sugriva. After long days of misery, Rama’s dazzling eyes resemblance to lotus flowers were widened with happiness.


Sugriva assures Rama that the mighty Vanaras from the different parts of Kishkindha are capable to perform their tasks in an orderly manner.   He assigned the major part of the task to search for Sita in the Eastern part/ Jambudhweepa/ Indian Sub-continent/ Bharatha Varasha under the strict supervision of Vinatha, a mighty Vanara and commander of the army.  Sugriva orders to conduct the search on the banks of river Bhageerathi/Ganga, Sarayu, Kaushiki, Yamuna, Saraswathi, Sindhu, Shona, Mahi,Kalamahi, etc. and in the Kingdom of Brahmamala, Kashi, Vidheha/Mithila, Malava, Kosala, Magadha, etc.. In this way Sugriva gave a brief explanation and strictly ordered his Vanaras not to leave any oceans, rivers, waterfalls, peaks, villages and mountains from their search for Sita.  Sugriva a high intellectual has profound knowledge in the landscape narrates the hidden dangers and the lustrous beauty of  the nature in those areas, gives instructions to Vinatha to conduct special search in Udayadri and its surroundings, Ravana’s palace etc..  for the successful completion of their mission.   Sugriva wishes them success in their mission with an order to complete the task within the stipulated period. 



The mighty Vanara Anjaneya, Jambavan, Neela and  a group of Vanars Suhotra, Sharari, Sharagulma, Gaja, Gavaksha,Gavaya, Sushena, Vrushaba, Mainda, Dwivida, Gandhamadana, Ulkamugh,  Ananga etc.. were set out under the leadership of Angada to Southern areas.  Sugriva instructs to conduct search in Vindhyachala Mountain and on the river banks of Narmada, Godavari, Krishnaveni, Mahanadhi, Varada/Wardha etc..  and the territories of Mekhala and Utkala/Kalinga and Koushika, the cities and Kingdom of Dhasharna and Abravanthi, Avathi, Vidharba and  Maheehaka respectively.  Also advised them to conduct a thorough search in the provinces of Chola,  Chera,  Pallava, Pandya, Malaya, Hoysala and Pudra.    Sugriva narrates the Mount Malaya/Agastyamalai in the western Ghat where River Tamraparni emerges, River Cauvery, glorious Mountain Mahendragiri, Puspithika , Suryavan, Vaidyuta, Kunjara, City of Bhogavati/ Abode of Vasuki, Rishabadri and its famous woodlands of sandalwood trees  where the Gandharva Kings Shailusha, Gramani, Shiksha, Shuka and Babhru are dwells.  Sugriva wishes them success in their mission with a strict order to complete the task within the stipulated period. 


Sushena, the mighty Vanara and father of Thara was assigned with the task of conduct search on the North-West areas.  Sugriva ordered Archishman, the son of Sage Mareechi to lead the group of army includes son of Viatha/Garuda, Archishmalaya/son of Sage Mareechi. Sugriva narrates the outlines of western parts as the provinces of Surashtra/ Saurashtra/ Shurdesh, Bhalika, Pragjyothisha, Mathura/Chandrachitra, Mount Hemagiri, Pariyatra,  Vajra, Chakravan, Varaha, Meghavantha, Meru/Merusavarni, Asthagiri, the oceans, rivers and woodlands etc.. After listening to the intricate details about the geographic pattern of the western areas, Sushena and the group of his army left with the strict orders of Sugriva to complete the mission within the stipulated period of time.



Shathabala, one of the mighty Varana of Sugriva’s army was assigned to conduct search on the Northern region.   Sugriva commanded Shathabali to proceed to Himalaya with his Vanara army includes the sons of Lord Yama.   Sugriva amazingly narrated the geographical positions includes the names and details of Sages, celestial Gandarvas, Mountains and woodland.  He instructs them to conduct searches in the provinces of Mlechas (Whoever consume the meat of cow, does not follow Sastra and talks unusual languages are treated as Mlechas)  Pulindas, Surasena, Prasthala, Bharatha, Kuru, Madraka, Kamboja, Yavana, Shaka,  and Darada.  He insists Sathabala not to spare any woodland, hermitage of saints, mountains (Kala, Sudarshana, Devasakha, Mount Kailash, Mount Krouncha, Mount Kama, Mount Manasa, Mainaka and Mount Soma).  In this way, Sugriva who has vast knowledge about topography elaborates each and every physical feature of the Eastern, Western, Northern and Southern parts to the valorous warriors with strict order to accomplish the task before the stipulated period.



Sugriva recommends Anjaneya, son of Lord Vayu as the appropriate Vanara to cross the ocean of wide and lengthy ocean of 100 Yojana.   Sugriva praises the incomparable fearlessness, ability to move, innumerable Siddhis (Ashtama Siddhis) to assume any forms, swiftness, chirpiness, ethics, excellent strategy and vitality of Anjaneya.  After listening to Sugriva, Rama was immensely delighted at the matchless qualities of Anjaneya and was pleased to entrust him with the crucial task with the firm belief that he would be victorious in his mission to locate Sita.   Rama graciously offered his ring that has the name imprinted on it with an advice that the ring would help Sita to recognize Anjaneya without any apprehension as the messenger of Rama.  Anjaneya reverentially greeted Rama, he received the ring and prostrated before Rama.  Anajaneya took a giant leap into the sky pronouncing the   name of Rama.  Rama wished him good luck and blessed Anjaneya to attain victory on his mission.  The groups of Vanaras assigned for the task were headed off to each direction as ordered by Sugriva.  Shathabali took off to Mount Himalaya, Vinatha dashed to Eastwards, Anjaneya towards Southwards and Sushena towards West respectively.   Rama and Lakshman continued to remain in Mount Prasravana waiting for the fruitful information.  Rama was surprised at Sugrivas vast knowledge about the geographical status of the universe and enquired about the same.  Sugriva courteously answered that it was Vali’s continuous hunt for him made Sugriva extensively move through all the directions, thus he gained the immense knowledge about the nature of places and its inhabitants.   After a long wait, the warriors Shathabali, Vinatha and Sushena returned to Mount Prasravana with depressing news that they have failed to locate Sita in East, West and North regions.


Aanjaneya with number of warriors like Angadha, Neela and Jambavan wandered through the Mount Vindya screening every nook and corner of the woodland searching for Sita.  Unfortunately they were unsuccessful in their mission.  Anjaneya and all the Vanaras despondently settled in a place.  Angadha motivates them with promising words and the wrath of Sugriva.  Once again all the warriors regained their enthusiasm and set off to the different corners of Vindyachala.  In the meantime, Anjaneya and Angadha were worried about the physical condition of fellow warriors and their struggle, they stranded out with hunger and thirst eventually it affected their capacity to carry out search.  Moreover the Vanaras under the leadership of Anjaneya and Angadha was already crossed the predetermined period.



The Vanaras under the leadership of Anjaneya were trapped into marvelous woodland under a tunnel Rikshabilam constructed by the demon Maya the celestial architect of Demons.  Rikshabilam  was safeguarded by a celestial woman named Swayamprabha and she received Anjaneya and his army of Vanaras into the sophisticated world of demon Maya and offered those fruits and special drinks.  Swayamprabha listened to the pathetic stories of Anjaneya and his army of Vanaras.  Anjaneya elaborately narrated their purpose of visit to woodlands in search of Sita who is the daughter-in-law of Emperor Dasaratha, daughter of King Janaka and wife of Rama and they were already crossed the predetermined time with King Sugriva.  Swayamprabha felt awful after listening to the distressing incidents happened to Rama and his wife.  Swamyamprabha comforted Anjaneya that it was her fortune to offer hospitality to Anjaneya and his mighty Vanaras.  She informed Anjaneya that the mysterious tunnel does not allow anyone to get out of this place alive, so she readily agreed to transport all of them safely.   Swamyamprabha gracefully led them through the dark tunnel effortlessly and Anjaneya and his army of Vanaras securely got out of the Rikshabilam.



Anjaneya and his group of Vanaras were miserable at the thought of their failure to locate Sita, all of them were assembled in Mount Vindyachala, and the enthralling beauty of its surroundings was not pleasing for them.  It was confirmed that they cannot go back to Kishkindha, if so Sugriva will not spare them.  Finally deeply dejected Angadha proposed to Anjaneya and his armies that they have no choice before them other than fast to death.  They all felt dreadful about their unaccomplished mission and the thought of leaving their kith and kin forever.  Anjaneya who was listening to Angadha was shocked to see the powerlessness of him.   Anjaneya was considered Angadha, son of Great Vali has marvelous intellectual qualities like his father, Vali who has eightfold qualities in  Shushrusha, Grahanam, Shravanam, Dharanam, Yuham, Apoham, Artha Vignanam, Thathwa Vignanam, Auchumam, fourfold tactics of Sama, Dhana , Bhedha, Danda, { Manobalam, Bhahubalam, Upayabalam, Bandhubalam} and Knowledge about place and time, Power, Endurance, Skill, Potential, Self-defense, buoyancy, maintenance of confidential matters,  braveness, lack of superfluous speech, self-confidence, judging the strength of the opponent, honesty and integrity, compassion, control over senses and keep up promises etc…  Anjaneya narrates Angadha about the numerous qualities of his father and heightened his spirits.  Anjaneya concluded with his opinion that the senior warriors like Jambavan, Neela, Suhotra will not support his idea of fasting to death and prompted him to remain faithful to Sugriva.



Angadha reverentially praise the yeomen service of the King of birds Jatayu and eventually his death in the hands of demon Ravana.  Sampathi, brother of Jatayu turns out miserable after listening to his brother’s merciless death at Janasthana in the hands of Ravana.  Sampathi, who was too old to fly for long distances and helpless to move all alone due to old age, requests Angada to drop the place where he could meet Jatayu’s mortal coil.  Angada meticulously explains their plight of situation to Sampathi.  Sampathi tearfully narrates the loss of his two wings while protecting his younger brother Jatayu from the scorching heat of Lord Surya, ultimately he landed in the Mount Vindyachala helplessly.   At Mount Vindyachala there was a Sage Nishakara protected Sampathi from the mouth of death.  Sage Nishakara a Trikalagnani pacified Sampathi that the new wings will start to grow in its place with all vigor and his power will be restored once again.  Sage foresees that Sampathi’s help will be required for the army of Vanaras to locate Sita in future.  Sampathi painfully narrates to Angadha about Sita’s abduction by the demon Ravana and her helplessness to save her from the clutches of Ravana and her relentless squeal for help etc..  Sampathi concludes that though he was too old to fly, his eye sights are sharp as always.  He promises to provide all the help in their mission.  He describes the view of the majestic city of Lanka he had seen from the sea shore.  Sampathi with sheer vengeance against Ravana who was the reason for the death of his brother, Sampathi promised to provide all the information about Lanka and his willingness to be a part of serving Rama.  All the Vanaras regained their spirit at the inspiring words of Sampathi.   Sampathi describes about the features of Athala, Vithala, Suthala, Rasathala, the abodes of Lord Varuna, upper and lower parts of the celestial world and the milky ocean where the churning was conducted for the elixir of immortality.  Suparshva son of Sampathi who was the eyewitness narrates the abduction of Sita by the demon King and her cries for help.  Ravana, son of Vishravas and brother of Lord Kubera resides in the city of Lanka built by Vishwakarma the celestial architect; it is situated far off from Mount Vindhyachala accessible only after crossing the huge ocean of 100 Yojana.  Sampathi narrates the unique and exquisite features of the Kingdom of Ravana that was made of precious gems and stones.  Sampathi with his wide and sharp eyes keenly observed the city of Lanka and inform them about the presence of a saffron dressed woman in a miserable state was surrounded by demons.  After providing information about the place where the search can be conducted, Sampathi earnestly requests Vanaras to take him to the place where Jatayu lost his life.   All the Vanaras passionately took Sampathi to the place; Sampathi offered homage to his dearest brother and returned to Vindyachala.  Sampathi heartily wishes to Vanaras triumph over Ravana.   In this way Sampathi who was anxiously waited for several years for the Vanaras, informs the message about the abduction of Sita by the demon Ravana and geographical features of Lanka.   As Sampathi was completed his task as predicted by Sage Nishakara, he flew away high in the sky with his newly flaunt wings with great vigor.



As instructed by Sampthi, all the Vanaras assembled on the seashore were stunned at the sight massive ocean and the vivacity of its wave.  All the Vanaras flabbergasted at the thought of crossing the vast ocean of 100 Yojanas.  Angadha urges the Vanaras to come forward to cross the roaring ocean, he admires about their immense vitality.  Unfortunately, all the mighty Vanaras were withdrawn from the very thought a huge dive over the vast ocean and revealed their helplessness.  Jambavan the senior amongst the army of Vanaras encourages Anjaneya to venture the huge task.  Jambavan admires the capabilities of mighty Vanaras like Gaja, Gavaksha, Gavaya, Sharabha, Gandamadana, Maindha and Dwivida.  All the mighty Vanaras revealed their inabilities to take huge leap and none of them were not in a position to cross 100 Yojanas.  Jambavan remembers his matchless vigor while he was young; he proudly comments that he was fortunate enough to have the circumambulation of Lord Vamana, a gigantic form of Lord Vishnu’s incarnation at the Yagna arena of King Mahalabali.  After listening to Jambavan, Angadha reveals his capacity to cross 100 Yojana but he was uncertain to return after the completion of task.  The outstanding warrior Anjaneya was absorbed in various thoughts and he remembered Rama’s firm belief in him in carrying out the mission to locate Sita successfully. 

Jambavan approaches Anjaneya who was sitting in solitude wrapped up in various thoughts.  He solemnly praised Anjaneya as the greatest amongst the Scholars/Navavyakarana Panditha, Jambavan enquiring the reason for his silence.  Jambavan compares the physical strength of Anjaneya with Garuda, King of birds, son of Kashyapaprajapathi and Vinatha.  The greatest of all the Apsaras Anjana, daughter of Kunjara was extremely graceful in her appearance.  Once she was strolling through the hills, she was lustfully approached by the Lord Vayu.  He promised Anjana that the child born to her would be known to the world for his braveness, intelligence, compassion and he will be dazzling in all manners.  Anjana brought up Anjaneya with utmost care and affection.  Anjaneya who was familiar with the vision of rising sun and its captivating beauty which has the resemblance of ripened fruit, took a big leap to fetch the same.   He crossed 300 Yojanas and was strongly hit by the radiance of Lord Surya and the deadly weapon Vajrayudha of Lord Indra.  Instantly, Anjaneya fell down to Earth from the huge heights with a thud.  Lord Vayu was wretched at this inci dent, took Anjaneya into a cave and eventually the function of Lord Vayu was abandoned to three worlds.  Lord Brahma appealed to Lord Vayu to resume his role and provided a boon to Anjaneya that the fierce weapon like Brahma Astra would not do any harm to him and Lord Indra provided him with the boon of immortality.   Jambavan elevates Anjaneya’s hidden capabilities through the above attention-grabbing words.  Jambavan solemnly reveals his inability to cross the ocean due to his old age, he urges Anjaneya to undertake the mission and informed that all other mighty Vanaras were waiting for a positive response from him. 


Anjaneya profusely declared his willingness to cross the ocean.  He enlarged the size of his body, it started to grow bigger and bigger as if Lord Vishnu in his incarnation as Lord Trivikrama, his dazzling face shone like 1000 Adityas.  Anjaneya in his colossal form declared that he will successfully carryout this mission and will definitely bring back the nectar like message about Sita/Vaidhehi.  Jambavan was extremely delighted at the enthusiasm of Anjaneya, he encourages him saying that the entire Vanaras will be anxiously waiting to hear from him and wished him success in his mission. Anjaneya took a big leap towards Mount Mahendragiri after producing boisterous scream, thrashed his huge tail on the ground that produced thunderous noise.  Mount Mahendragiri and its inhabitants were squeezed to death; the lofty cliff was compressed due to the pressure of mammoth size of Anjaneya.  Anjaneya with the glorious Tharaka Mantra ‘Ram’ on his lips squeezed his both the arms and forcefully dived into the blue sky. 


Manojavam Marutha Thulya Vegam

Jithendriyam Buddhimatham Varishtam

Vathathmajam Vanarayoodha Mukhyam

Sri Rama Dhootham Shirasa Namami ||


{ Lineage of Ravana - Sage Pulastya, Manasaputra of Lord Brahma  and his wife Havirbuk had two sons  Agastya and Vishravas,  Vishshravass has four wives (1) Ilabila mother of Lord Kubera, (2) Kaikasi daughter of Sumali & Thataka and mother of Ravana, Kumbhakarna and Vibheeshana, (3) Pushpotkata Sister of Kaikasi and mother of Mahodhara and Parshwadha, (4) Raka sister of Kaikasi and mother of Shurpanakha. 

Ravana had Six brothers & Two Sisters – (1) Kuber, Lord of Wealth (2) Vibhisha, famous for righteousness (3) Kumbhakarna, idiotically asked for the boon of Nidrathwam instead of Indrathwam from Lord Brahma (4) Khara, King of Janasthanam (5) Dooshan, representative of Janasthanam (6) Ahiravana, ruler of Rasathala, world of Mayasura. The two sisters were (1) Kumbhini, wife of demon King of Mathura Madhu and mother of Lavanasura (2) Shoorpanakha.


Ravana married to Mandodhari, daughter of Mayasura who was the son of Diti (Devamatha) and Hema.  Mandodhari was famous for wisdom, intelligence and chastity, she was highly virtuous and equally venerable as Sita, Savitri, Anasuya, Ahalya, Drupadi.  Ravana and Mandodhari had seven sons.  They were Indrajeet/Meghanath, Yomotha, Athikaya, Akshyakumara, Devanthaka, Naranthaka, Trishirass, Pralambha }

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

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