Legend of Sathyavan & Savithri !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Urukatha Vennayum Oradayum Nan Padaithen
Orukkalum Yen Kanavar Yennai Piriyathirukka Venum

There was a righteous King Ashwapathi, who was the ruler of the city Mandhara.  The King and his wife Malavi had no progeny for quite some time, they worshipped Goddess Sri Savithri.  The pious couple underwent severe austerities and worshipped Goddess Sri Savithri.  In due course of time, Malavi conceived a child and gave birth to a stunning girl child, they named her Savithri.

The years passed by,  Savithiri was grown into a gorgeous young maiden.    She had fallen in love with Sathyavan, the prince of Kingdom Salvan and mentally accepted him as her husband.  Maharishi Narada appeared on the assembly of the King and revealed his sincere remarks about the King Sathyavan that he would attain the Abode of Lord Yama on 365th day.  After listening to Maharishi Narada, the King appallingly ordered to seek any other bride-groom for his lovely daughter.  But Savithri was unwavering; she was decided to be with King Sathyavan whatever may happens, she was already gave her heart to him.   Mahrishi Narada declared that Savithri as a virtuous and intellectual would be capable to win over Lord Yama.  Consequently, King Ashwapathi met with the King Yavasena of Kingdom of Salva and his wife, blind parents of Sathyavan, who were exiled from their Kingdom  as a result they were continued to living in woodlands.  Finally, the marriage of Savithiri with Sathyavan was took place.  As always Savithiri underwent severe austerities on all propitious days of Pournami, Amavasya, Ekadashi etc…


At last, the most dreadful day has arrived.  As usual Sathyavan went to forest to bring woods and vegetables on that day.  Savithri also followed her husband with the permission of her blind Parents-in- law.  While breaking logs, Sathyavan had severe perspiration and fallen unconscious.   Savithiri as a chaste woman and a faithful daughter-in-law to her in-laws, she had attained pieties through the several strict austerities made her to realize the arrival of Lord Yama to take away her husband’s life.   She was keeping her husband’s head on her lap and was crying her heart out.   Seeing the arrival of Lord Yama, she kept the lifeless body of her husband on the ground and reverentially prostrated before Lord Yama.  Lord Yama was pleased at the dedication of Savithri and blessed her ‘Dheerga Sumangali Bhava’.  He immediately took custody of the soul of Sathyavan and left the place.


Sathyavathi with a heavy heart took the mortal body of Sathyavan and kept it safely covered with leaves and straws in order to protect from the eyes of vultures and wild animals.  She ran behind Lord Yama, he was shocked to see Savithiri.  He instructed her to go back and do the final rites to her husband and be supportive to her blind-in-laws at this moment.  Savithiri gravely replied to him that the pieties of her various births provided her the fortune to follow a righteous Lord Yama.    Lord Yama was pleased at the sincere devotion of Savithiri and instructed her to ask for a boon other than life of her husband.  Immediately Savithiri asked for a boon to provide eye sight for her parent’s in law and the lost glories along with their Kingdom.  Lord Yama was amazed to see the uprightness of Savithri and praised her for her self-less motive, instantly provided the boon and also predicted that the whole world would remember her integrity. 


Savithiri continued to go behind Lord Yama, he was surprised to see her following him.  He asked her to return to her parent’s in law, he also warned her about the dangers of woodlands, burglars, wild animals etc…But Savithiri gracefully answered him that the dangers of woodlands or none of the miseries would  harm her in the presence of a righteous Lord Yama.  She also added that she has no difficulties in following him.  Lord Yama was pleased at the answers of Savithiri, praised her that she has the perfect blessings of Goddess Sri Saraswathi, which made her talk sagaciously. Lord Yama was ready to provide her another boon, Savithiri earnestly prayed to have 100 brothers for her.  Lord Yama was pleased and praised her intelligence to have a long life for her parents.  After providing her the boon, Lord Yama advised her to go back to her fathers’s Kingdom and spend the rest of the life with her brothers.


Savithiri continued following Lord Yama.  Lord was displeased at her act and firmly demanded her to go back to her Kingdom.  Savithri somberly prayed to Lord Yama that she was not willing to go back to her Kingdom without an offspring; life without a child is miserable.  So she requested Lord Yama to provide the boon for a virtuous offspring.  Lord Yama wanted to get rid of her, so he was readily gave away the boon and hurried.  At once, Savithri crossed Lord Yamas ways and prayed to suggest her solution to have a child for an unblemished woman without her husband.   Lord Yama was astonished at the ability of her speech and praised her intelligence, eventually freed Sathyavan from his clutches.  Once again, Savithri prostrated before Lord Yama and revealed her gratitude.  She rushed back to the mortal body of Sathyavan that was safely hidden by her.


Savithri passionately placed her husband’s head on her lap.  Sathyavan opened his eyes after a deep sleep.  Later, the pious couple returned to their home with all the woods and vegetables collected from the forest.


King Yavasena and his wife were in a rapture to find that they have got their eye sight back.  They were anxious about the return of their son and daughter-in-law who was went to dense forest to collect the wooden logs and vegetables.   The Sages assembled there pacified the old couple.  Soon, Sathyavan and Savithri appeared before them with all the collected materials.  They prostrated before their old parents and Savithri narrated the reason for their delay.  Shortly, King Ashwapathi and his wife Malavi arrived on the spot to ensure the welfare of their daughter’s family; they were in a state of bliss to see that their daughter Savithiri was profusely praised by the Sages and her parents-in-law.  In the meantime, the Minister of Kingdom of Salva hurried to request King Yavasena and his family to reallocate to their Kingdom and take up the regime, because the previous ruler of Salva passed away without leaving an heir to the throne.  Thus, Savithri attained abundance of pieties due to her righteous deeds and the couple lived happily ever after.


It is believed that whoever reads the glories of Savithri and Sathyavan on this auspicious day of Masi-Panguni and worship Goddess Sri Parvati would attain long blissful married life.

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

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