A Tribute to Sri Abirami Bhattar !! Life of Sri Abirami Bhattar !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara !!

Subramanya  was born to Sri Amruthalinga Iyer and his wife, a pious Brahmin couple lived  in the village Thirukadaiyur, Thanjavur District, Tamil Nadu.  During this period, Thanjavur was under the regime of Maratha ruler King Serfoji who was a great admirer of Hindu religion and culture.
There was a prominent temple for Lord Shiva & Goddess Sri Parvati in Thirukadaiyur, Sri Amruthaghateswarar & Goddess Sri Abirami.  Young Subramanya was so much involved in spirituality; had a special fondness towards Goddess Sri Abirami in this temple.  He spent hours and hours meditating upon the grace and beauty of Goddess Sri Abirami, immersed in singing and praising the glories of Goddess,  gradually Subramanya lost interest in material world.  He lived a secluded life, sitting in a corner of the circumambulatory paths of this temple and worship Goddess Sri Abirami at his heart’s content.  In this way, Subramanya spent years and years meditating upon the loveliness of Mother of the Universe,  eventually people made fun of him as lunatic. 

King Serfoji paid a visit to this temple, while entering into the sanctum sanctorum noticed Subramanya/Abirami Bhattar, who was one of the temple priests was not paying attention to him, instead he was completely engrossed in meditation with closed eyes.  King Serfoji was totally annoyed by the arrogance of Abirami Bhattar.  King made an enquiry about Abirami Bhattar and his nature to the priests assembled to honor him.  They all were replied in a different manner; some of them were remarked him as a passionate devotee of Goddess Sri Abirami and others were stated that he was completely out of mind.   King was not satisfied with the answers of the priests gathered.  He wanted to examine Abirami Bhattar and know the truth.   He moved near the Bhattar who was in a transcended state and enquired him whether it was a full moon or new moon (Amavasya or Pournami) day.    Abirami Bhattar brusquely replied to King that it was a Pournami, infact that was an Amavasya day.  King Serfoji was agitated at the wrong and careless response of Bhattar.  Soon Bhattar got out of delusion; he waveringly replied to King that he was meditating upon Goddess Sri Abirami, her splendid illuminating face appeared before made  him answer wrongly.  He earnestly prayed to the King for forgiveness.  King fumingly ordered his men to put Bhattar hanged to death if he does not prove it was a Pournami before next morning.
As declared by King Serfoji, an enormous crowd was witnessing a massive inferno was created and Abirami Bhattar was hanged down from the heights.   Bhattar passionately sung praising the glorious verses praising the gorgeousness of Goddess Sri Abirami.  These outstanding verses were begins with the ending note of the previous one.  Hence, this remarkable verses comprises hundreds of stanzas came to known as ‘Abirami Andhadhi’.    While fervently singing the seventy ninth verse which begins with ‘ Vizhikke Arulundu Abiramavallikku…’ instantaneously Goddess Sri Abirami tossed her earring (Thadangam) on the sky which gave out a marvelous radiance, appeared as a spectacular light  was proven as  ‘Pournami’. 

Vizhikke Arulundu Abiramavallikk Vedam Sonna
Vazhikke Vazhipada Nenjundu Yemakkavazhi Kidakka,
Pazhikke Shuzhandu Ven Pavangale Seithu Pazh Naraka
Kuzhikke Azhunthum Kayavar Thammodu Yenna Koottu Iniye?
Thus, Sri Abirami Bhattar had proven the words flew out of his mouth were true to his firm devotion to Goddess Sri Abirami.
Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara !!
Jai Sriman Narayana !!

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