Abhimana Kshetram !! Sri Vittal Rukmini Mandir – Pandharpur !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Pandharpur is one of the prominent pilgrim places located in Maharashtra on the river banks of river Chandrabhaga/Bhimarathi.  This is one of the centuries old temples of Lord Krishna as Vittobha occupies massive acres of land.  It has six entrances and the eastern gate is known as ‘Namdev Dwar ‘.   There are shrines of Lord Ganesha, Garuda, Lord Dattathreya, Goddess Sri Satyabhama, Sant Kanhopatra  located within the vicinity of the main temple.  




Presiding deity – Sri Vittobha/Vittal/Vitthal/Pandarinath/Pandurang with his consort Goddess Sri Rukmini/Rukkumai



Significance – Varkari Yatra/Dindi Yatra/Ashadi Yatra, group of devotees march towards the temple from their hometown with a promise to reach this sacred destination on Ashadi Ekadashi Day.  This is 800 years old custom initiated by great Sant Vitthalpant, father of Sant Gyaneshwar still continuing with great splendor.



Festivals – Navaratri, Dusshera, Ashadi Ekadashi, Gudi Paduva, Diwali, Ram Navami,



Theertham – Chandrabhaga/Bhima – Holy dip in this river during the month of Ashad, Karthik, Chaithra and Magh are highly meritorious.



The legend has that Pundalik was a passionate devotee of Lord and a devoted son of an aged couple lived in Pandharpur.  He firmly believed that service to one’s own parents is equivalent to the service to Lord.  Lord Krishna was most pleased at the readiness of Pundalik and his heartfelt service to his aged parents.  One day Lord Vittal arrived at the doors of Pundalik and enthralled to see his devotion to his parents.  Lord was mesmerized at the dedication of Pundalik and voiced his arrival.  But Pundalik was so immersed at the service of his parents, eventually he unnoticed the presence of his guest; he tossed a brick towards the door so that his guest could be seated till he finishes his service to his parents.  As soon as his duties got over, Pundalik remembered his guest and rushed out of his hut.  He found that the most compassionate Lord Vittal was standing on the brick he had offered.   Punadalik was in an ecstasy prayed to Lord Vittal to remain on this sacred land forever.  In this temple Lord Vittal can be seen standing on a brick. 



This temple remains open from morning 4.00AM to 8.00PM in the evening.
Jai Sriman Narayana !!


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