51 Shakthi Sthalam/Shakthi Peedam !! Sri Manikyamba Temple !!

Jai Sriman Narayana!!
Jai Ambey Ma !!

Sri Manikyamba Temple /Draksharamam Kshetram/Bhimeswara Kshetram is one of the 51 Shakthi Sthalam/Shakthi peedam of Goddess Sri Adi Shakthi located in Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh.  This is one of the Pancharama Kshetram of Lord Shiva located in Andhra Pradesh, others are Kumararama, Ksheerarama, Bheemarama and Amararama respectively.  Draksharama Kshetra is the place where the grand Yagjnam of Daksha Prajapathi took place.  This is one of the oldest temples of Goddess Adi Shakthi built by the Kings of Chalukya Dynasty.


Presiding deity – Sri Manikyamba with her consort Lord Bhimeswara Swamy


Sannidhis – Lord Ganesha, Lord Lakshmi Narayana, Lord Sankara Narayana, Navagrahas, Bhairava, Lord Nataraja, Kashi Viswanatha, Goddess Sri Durga, Goddess Sri Annapoorneswari, Lord Vamana, Lord Vishweshwara,

Theertham - Saptha Godavari Kundam - Saptarishis divided Akhanda Godavari River into 7 streams.  They underwent severe penance and worshipped Lord 

Festivals – Maha Shivaratri, Navaratri,


The legend has that there was a time the Mount Himalaya and its surroundings were under the abstract control of the demons.  They harassed the life of deities and sages, they all appealed to Lord Vishnu.   As instructed by Lord Vishnu, all the spiritual energies of the deities turned into a flame and as desired by the deities and Sages Goddess Sri Sati was rose from the flame and she was brought up by Daksha Prajapathi.  Later, she married was to Lord Shiva against the will of her father.


A Grand Yagna was conducted by Dakshaprajapathi ended in disaster, his own daughter Goddess Sri Sati had to sacrifice her life in the sacrificial fire. This catastrophic incident brought trepidation amongst the deities. Inconsolable Lord Shiva carried the lifeless body of Goddess Sri Sati and wandered on the Earth for several years. The functions of Trinities to protect the Universe were shattered. All the deities were frightened about the terrible consequences and appealed to Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu’ dice chopped off the lifeless body of Goddess Sri Sati into several parts to diffuse the grief of Lord Shiva and each part fell into the different parts of the Earth. The places where the body parts of Goddess Sri Sati fallen on the Earth were turned into ‘Shakthi Sthal/Shakthi Peedam’.  Sri Manikyamba Temple is the place where the left cheek of Goddess Sri Sati fallen on the Earth.



This temple remains open from 6.00AM to 1.00PM in the morning and 4.30PM to 8.30PM in the evenings.


Jai Ambey Ma !!
Jai Sriman Narayana !!


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