Parama Ekadashi on 12th September, 2012!!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
In Brahma Vaivartha Puranam Lord Krishna explains the glories of Parama Ekadashi which falls on the Waning period of moon – Krishna Paksha Ekadashi to King Yudhishtira.  Lord Krishna narrates the most significant and much preferred by Supreme Lord are:


A  Brahmin who follows a righteous life as prescribed in the Veda Sastras,

Cow is the most auspicious amongst all the animals and all the deities resides in its body

Lord Indra amongst the deities

Parama Ekadashi & Padmini Ekadashi amongst all the Ekadashi Vratas


Lord Krishna explained an enchanting story of Parama Ekadashi, there was a pious Brahmin couple Sumedha and his chaste wife Pavitra lived in the city of Kampilya.  Due to his previous Karma, the couple had to undergo severe poverty and even the necessities of life were abandoned.   Several days they had to remain empty stomach, his beautiful wife remained calm and peaceful all through their poor conditions of living.  She received her guest with utmost earnestness and served them with what they had to offer.


Sumedha felt awful seeing the poor condition of their living and deteriorating health of his wife.  He hated their way of living and decided to move on to other provinces in search of income.  He cursed his fate and decided to move on.  Pavitra in tears approached her husband and revealed her heart to him that she was incapable to live alone without him.  His chaste wife comforted him saying that they were facing the severe scarcity of food and necessities of life due to their past Karma.  Finally, Sumedha changed his mind and decided to stay in their province itself. 


Once, Sage Kaundinya visited the pious couple.  Sumedha and Pavitra were excited to find Sage Kaundinya in their poor home.  They received their guest with utmost reverence.  They paid obeisance to Sage and offered him with food.  Pavitra explained their terrible living conditions to Sage Kaundinya.  Sage advised them to observe Parama Ekadashi Vrata which falls on the waning period of moon.  Sage Kaundinya explained the significance of Parama Ekadashi which was dear to Lord and Pancharatrika Vrata to the couple.  Observance of Parama Ekadashi would washes off sins committed, provides abundances of riches and Salvation to the worshipper.  The faithful worship of Lord Hari on this auspicious day would eradicate all the miseries and poverty.  Lord Kubera sincerely observed the Parama Ekadashi and attained affluence. King Harishchandra observed this Parama Ekadashi faithfully and regained his lost Kingdom and his wife.   King Yudhistira was extremely mesmerized after hearing the glories of Parama Ekadashi from Lord Krishna and observed the Ekadashi with his wife and brothers.  Likewise, Sage Kaundinya instructed the method of worship of Lord Hari on the day of Parama Ekadashi and Pancharatrika Vrata to the couple.  The pious couple followed the instructions of the Sage faithfully and attained abundance of merits. 



Lord Krishna continued whoever observe fast for 5 days from the day of Parama Ekadashi and faithfully observe Pancharatrika Vrata by consuming meal only once a day and whoever devotedly observes Pancharatrika vow on the day of Parama Ekadashi would attain the Abode of Lord Vishnu along with his ancestors. 

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

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