Padmini Ekadashi on 27th August, 2012 !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Brahma Vaivartha Puranam describes the glories of Padmini Ekadashi which occurs during the waning period of moon in the extra leap year.  King Yudhishtira requests Lord Krishna to explain the observance of Padmini Ekadashi and its devoutness.

Lord Krishna narrates the procedure and pieties gained by the observance of Padmini Ekadashi which includes eradication of the sins committed in one’s life and liberation from the cycles of Birth and death.  The austerities should start from the day of Dasami (on the previous day).  The worshipper should not indulge in any sensual pleasures or comforts and or consume urud dal, chickpeas, spinach, honey etc… or food cooked by others.  On the day of Ekadashi, the worshipper should have early bath before sunrise, engage in chanting the holy names of Lord and perform the sacred bath to Lord and offerings in the form of flowers, incense sticks, camphor, and ghee lamp along with Bhog to Lord Padmanabha.  The worshipper should not consume food and remain awake in the whole night.  The first nine hours and the remaining hours of keeping awake and chanting the glorious verses of Lord would provide the devoutness of Ashwamedha Yaga and Rajasuya Yagna respectively.  On the Dwadashi day, to complete the vow of Ekadashi the worshipper should feed the Brahmins and provide them with alms.

The most compassionate Lord explained the enchanting story about Padmini Ekadashi, once it was described by Sage Pulastya to Maharishi Narada.

There was a great warrior King Karthaviryarjuna who was ruled the City of Mahishmatipuri.   He defeated the demon King Ravana and imprisoned him.  Sage Pulastya came to know about this incident and requested Karthaviryarjuna to release the zealous devotee of Lord Shiva.  Karthaviryarjuna agreed to the request of his Acharya – Pulastya and released Ravana.  While listening to Sage Pulastya, Maharishi Narada had a doubt raised in his mind about how a mighty warrior like Ravana who won over the deities and Lord Indra,  got into the trap of Karthaviryarjuna.  He enquired Sage Pulastya  and got  it cleared.

In Thretha Yuga there was a righteous King Kritavirya from Kaikeya Dynasty ruled the city of Mahishmatipuri.  King Kritavirya had thousand wives; unfortunately he had no offspring’s to rule after him.  He underwent severe austerities and worshipped forefathers and Acharyas to obtain a virtuous progeny.   Finally he set out to forest to continue the religious austerities.   He gave up all the glitters and while leaving the palace surprisingly he met one of his wives Padmini, daughter of King Harishchandra.   She was astounded to learn that the King leaving the palace; she persuaded him and instantly followed him to forest.  They arrived at Mount Mandara and continued austerities for ten thousand years.

During this period, Padmini happened to meet Anasuya, chaste wife of Rishi Atri.  She explained her heartbreaking stories to Anasuya and requested her to advise how to please Lord Keshava and obtain a virtuous offspring to rule their Kingdom.  Anasuya instructed Padmini to observe Ekadashi known as Padmini which occurs once in every thirty two months.  As instructed, Padmini faithfully observed the vow of Ekadashi.   The most compassionate Lord was pleased at the devotion of Padmini and blessed the couple with a virtuous and valiant son. 

In due course of time, Padmini gave birth to a beautiful boy child and named him Karthaviryarjuna.  Later, he became one of the mighty warrior and heir to the throne of Mahismatipuri.

Lord Krishna continued, whoever observe the Padmini Ekadashi with utmost faith and devotion would attain the Lotus feet of Sriman Narayana.  And whoever listens to the glories of this Ekadashi would attain abundance of devoutness. 

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

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