108 Divya Desams !! Thirutholai Villimangalam Sri Aravindalochana Perumal Temple !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Thirutholai Villimangalam/Rahu Kshetram  is one of the Nava Tirupathi also known as  Twin Tirupathi , located in Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu.

Presiding deity - Moolavar Aravindalochanan/Senthamarai Kannan /Devapiran/Srinivasan with his consort Goddess Karuthadamkanni Thayar/Alarmel Mangai/Padmavathy Thayar

Theertham – Varuna Theertham, Tamraparni,Aswini Theertham,

Vimanam – Kumudha Vimanam,Guptha Vimanam

Worshipped by – Ashwini Kumaras

Prathyaksham to – Lord Indra, Lord Vayu, Lord Varuna

Sannidhis – Alwars & Acharyas, Vishvaksenar,

Mangalasasanam – Nammalvar, Manavala Mamunigal,

Sthalavruksham – Mango Tree

Festivals – Vaikasi Visakam, Garuda Sevai, Chaitra Pournami, Vaikundha Ekadashi,

The legend has that Vidhyadhara and his wife arrived on this land and got attracted at the tranquility of this sacred land.  They were so absorbed at each other and indulged in their pastimes.   At this moment, Lord Kubera arrived on this place and found the couple were so wrapped up each other’s and forgot to pay obeisance to him.  Lord Kubera cursed the couple to turn into lifeless materials such as scale and bow.  The couple repented at their mistake and begged for forgiveness.  Lord Kubera calmed them saying that they would be released from the curse at the touch of a holy man.  Years later, Sage Athreya Suprapa visited this holy land to establish a Yagna arena.  There he found a scale and bow; he touched them with his hands.  Soon they turned into a man and woman.  Thus, Vidhyadhara and his wife regained their original form.

This temple remains open from 6.30AM to 11.00PM in the morning and 4.30 PM to 7.00PM in the evenings.

Contact Person – Sri Seshamani Bhattar swamin – 04630256372

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

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