The Worship of Tulsi !! Srimad Devi Bhagavatham !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!


Srimad Devi Bhagavatham – 9th Skandham – Chapter 25th describes the method of worship of Tulsi.  Sriman Narayana narrates the glories of Sri Tulsi and method of worship to Sage Narada.


Lord Sriman Narayana continued to illustrate the splendor of Tulsi to Sage Narada.  She has got the purifying nature, thus known by the name Vis’vapâvani.  She is dear to Lord Krishna, hence she is known as Krisnajîvanî.


Lord Sriman Narayana raised the status of Tulsi to Sri Mahalakshmi.  Sri Mahalakshmi and Ganga accepted the verdict of Lord Sriman Narayana with great honor and respect.  Unfortunately, Sarasvatî could not accept the union of Tulsi with Lord Sriman Narayana.  She was waiting for an opportunity to discredit Tulsi and succeeded in her task.  Tulsi was disregarded by Sarasvathi; it made Tulsi to remain invisible to everyone.  Lord Sriman Narayana brought peace to the situation and went in search of Tulsi. 


Lord Sriman Narayana arrived at Vrindavan, with utmost devotion he started to worship Tulsi.  Worship of Tulsi began with the Moola Mantra “S’rîm Hrîm Klîm Aim Vrindâvanyai Svâhâ,” (beejaksharam), lighted ghee lamp and offered Dhupa, Sindhura, Sandal Paste, Bhog, Flowers etc..  The most pleased Sri Tulsi gladly surrendered at the Lotus feet of Sriman Narayana.  Tulsi also known by the name ‘Vrindavani’,  as she was appeared in the deep forest of Vrindavan.  The compassionate lord sanctified Tulsi with the nectar like speech that she will be worshipped by all, she resides in the heart of Lord Sriman Narayana and the holy leaves rests on his head.  All the deities yearn her presence on their head etc.. Thus Tulsi was gratified by Sriman Narayana and left to his Abode.

Whoever chants the eight holy names of Sri Tulsi such as Vrindâ, Vrindâvanî, Vis’vapûjitâ, Vis’vapâvanî, Tulasî, Puspasârâ, Nandanî and Krisna Jîvanî acquires the merit of As’vamedha Yajña (horse sacrifice).  Whoever worships Tulsi on the Full Moon night in the month of Karthik, as on the same day Lord Sriman Narayana worshipped Tulsi, the worshipper would be freed from all the sins and attain Vishnu Loka. Offering Tulsi leaves to Vishnu in the month of Karthik brings the merit of ‘Go dhanam’.  Whoever listening to the glories of Tulsi would attain virtous offsprings to childless couple, righteous wives to men, cures all the illness, bless with courage, relieved from all the sins and provide Salvation.

Lord Sriman Narayana elaborately described the method of Worship of Tulsi to Sage Narada.  In the Vedas - Kânva S’âkhâ praised the glories of Sri Tulsi.  Vedas declare that Tulsi is the superior among all the flowers, she is incomparable and matchless.  She is the holiest among the flowers, all the deities long for her presence in their worship. 

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

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