Srimad Devi Bhagavatham !! Description on Mani Dvipa !!

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Srimad Devi Bhagavatham -  Chapter Ten of  Twelfth Skandham describes on Mani Dvîpa.


The enclosures to the palace of Devi - Mani Dvîpa were made of Kum Kum colored (saffron) Pusparâga gems.   The wide patios were decorated with various precious gems.  The roofless courtyard were bedecked with the beautiful trees and flowery plants, lakes, ponds, tanks filled with lotus flowers surrounded by Mandapas (magnificent halls to relax) and giant pillars made of precious stones.  There situated the castle of Dikpâlas of the entire Brahmânda.

In the Eastern side situated the city of Amarâvatî where Lord Indra – Lord of Devas resides.  The brilliance of the city Amarâvatî is beyond comparison, a heavenly abode of Lord Indira.  In the city of Amarâvatî Lord Indira lives with His wife S’achî Devî, delightfully mounting on the elephant Airâvata with music in marching rhythm accompanied by the celestial dancers and singers. 


Lord Agni resides on the South - Eastern side majestically.  Lord Agni’s city gives out an impression of His Grandness situated in entire Brahmânda.  Here resides Lord Agni with his two wives Svâhâ and Svadhâ, mounted on  His celestial vehicle – A Grand Chriot pulled by five horses, accompanied by several deities.


In the South situated the city of Lord Yama - God of Death. Here lives Lord Yama Dharma Râja with Chitragupta and several Hosts.  On the South -West corner is the place of   Râksasas.  Here resides Nirriti with his wife and other Râksasas.

In the West is the city of Lord Varuna resides with his wife Vârunî, marching on His celestial vehicle accompanied by his Prajas,  lives in the abundance of intoxicated drink  called Vârunî (honey).

In the North-West corner resides Lord Vâyu with his wife, accompanied by the Yogis who are profound in the Practice of Prânâyâma, pleasantly marching on his celestial Vehicle – deer along with the group of forty nine Vâyus .


In the North resides Yaksas with their King Lord Kubera lives here with S’aktis Vriddhi and Riddhi,  in possession of  multitudes of various precious gems and jewels accompanied by  Manibhadra, Purnabhadra, Manimân, Manikandhara, Manibhûsa, Manisragvî, Manikar-mukadhârî, etc.

In the North - East is situated the Rudra loka, Lord Rudra resides here.  There are several Rudras dwells here with deadly weapons.  Some of them have horrible features, fires shooting out from their mouth, some have ten or hundred or thousand of hands, some of them are ten feet tall, some have ten heads, some have three eyes etc… 

In the North – East lives Îsâna with His consort Bhadrakâlî – with the garland of skulls on his neck, ring of snakes on his hand, clothed on tiger skin, his body is smeared with the ashes of dead, continuously plays Damaru which gives out ricochet on all sides, laughing loudly – His Attahâsya reverberates all through the heaven, surrounded by Pramathas and Bhûta Ganas accompanied by  Mâtriganas, Rudrânîs, Dâmarîs, Vîra Bhadras and various S’aktis.

Thus, Srimad Devi Bhagavatham Mahapuranam -  the Tenth Chapter of the Twelfth Skandham composed by Maharishi Veda Vyasa on the description of Mani Dvîpa  ends here.

Jai Ambey Ma !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

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