Life of Sant Gora Kumbhar !! Part VI !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

In Pandharpur, Sant and Sadhus like Namdev – ardent devotees of Lord Panduranga realized the absence of Lord in the Temple.  These Sant and Sadhus could envision Lord Panduranga and used to converse with Him.  Now, the panic stricken Sant Namdev along with other Sadhus went in search for Lord Panduranga in all the villages.  Finally, they arrived at the Goroba’s village too.  Goroba was known Sant Namdev previously during their visits to Pandharpur on Ekadashi days.  They met each other once again, they spoke little to each other; they were fully engrossed in singing Bajans of Lord Panduranga.  Sant Namdev could sense the situation very well and realized the truth that Panduranga was with Goroba only.  Sant Namdev asked Goroba ‘Where is Ranga?’ Goroba sincerely replied to him ‘Ranga is at home only’.  Sant Namdev rushed to Goroba’s house; there he could not find Ranga, Tulsi Bai and Shantu Bai called for Ranga many times in loud voice.  There came no response.  They did not see any trace of Ranga and Rukma Bai in their house.  Sant Namdev replied to them that Ranga was none other than Lord Panduranga himself and Rukma Bai was Goddes Rukmini Devi; they were at the service of Goroba and family throughout their difficult days.  Goroba could not bear the pain he was going through, he cried out loudly longing for the presence of Lord once again.  Sant Namdev comforted Goroba who was irrepressible at the separation of His son Ranga - Lord. 

Goroba along with Sant Namdev and group of devotees arrived to Pandharpur to have Dharshan of Lord Panduranga.  Goroba entered into the temple with unsteady steps with lots and lots of emotion flickering through his eyes, the thought of Ranga working on his muddy grounds, earning livelihood by selling pots, Rukma Bai performing all household chores everything made him weak, tears pouring down uncontrollably on his cheek.  They all sat down on the main hall for singing the glories of Lord, the leader of the Bajan group Sant Namdev distributed the musical instrument called –Jalara (used to increase the tempo of music) to all the devotees.  Sant Namdev moved closer to Goroba who was sitting helpless with no hands to clap or rise in the sky to the tunes of Bajan.  Sant Namdev offered a jalara to Goroba too, Alas ! To everyone’s amazement Goroba’s hands started to grow at a length, as teeny tiny plant sprout up from its seeds.  In a sudden moment, Tulsi Bai with a lot of emotions ran inside the Sanctum Sanctorum and fallen at the feet of Lord Panduranga and begged ‘Give me back my son - Hari, Lord’.  She continued to weep ‘You are the saver of your Bhakthas, Why don’t you listen to my cries.  You have saved the life of son of your Acharya at his request.  I am your servant, why don’t you give back my son to me?’. 

At this point of time, the people gathered there could hear the cry of a child.  Everyone’s attention turns to the side from where the sound was echoing.  Tulsi Bai also turned her face to look for it.  It was an incredible sight for everyone gathered, Tulsi Bai ran towards to pick her son Hari.  It was just a remarkable moment of boundless joy. Later, Goroba returned to his village along with family and lived happily ever after.

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

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