Sri Lalithambal Sobanam - Birth of Lord Harihara Putra!!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

The deities and Demons decided to churn the Milky Ocean using the Mandara Mountain as the center point object and the serpent Vasuki as rope.   As a result, many of the precious things generated while churning the Ocean including the divine nectar of 'Immortality'.  After seeing the divine nectar, the greedy demons started to fight for it; it created a huge mess amongst the deities and demons. 

The fight with the deities and demons continued, Lord Vishnu prayed to Goddess Mahamaya and turned out a beautiful young woman - Mohini and started playing her tricks.  In order to distract the attention of the demons, Mohini gracefully walked into the middle of them and magnetized them.  At the mesmerizing features of Mohini, the demons totally lost their interest for the divine nectar.  They started to follow the gorgeous young woman and fallen at her enchanting physical features.

Mohini's attractive features, her anklets, precious jewels, thin waist was decorated with jewels’, dazzling attire decorated with diamond & precious stones, red lips symbolized the sweet pomegranite fruit, her eyebrows revealed the beauty of the bow of Lord Kamadeva, her earlobe were decorated with jewels, her diamond nose rings, her long beautiful hair locks added her boundless beauty.  The demons stopped their fight for the divine nectar and encircled her, thinking of her shimmering beauty. 

Mohini grabbed the attention of all the demons and assured them that they are the one going to get benefited with the divine nectar after serving a small portion of it to the deities.  She tactfully got the pot of divine nectar from the hands of the demons.   The deities and demons seated in a line waiting for the turns of divine nectar of Immortality.  Mohini started serving the deities with the divine nectar, the golden spatula moving elegantly in and out of the golden pot of the nectar to the deities.   Her graceful movements, the noises made by the jewels adorned her body captured the whole attention the demons.  They obediently waited for their turn. She continued serving the nectar to all the deities; the spatula made a peculiar sound which disclosed the emptiness of the pot.  Immediately, Rahu and Kethu recognized the truth, they disguised into deities and seated amongst the Lord Surya and Chandra to secure their portion of nectar.  Mohini realized the presence of Rahu and beheaded him with the spatula as a punishment for the deceitful act of consumption of the divine nectar.  Mohini  kept the empty nectar pot in front of the demons and disappeared. 

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

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