Devi Puranam !! Life of Lord Rama !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Sita Devi  walked in to hermitage with heavyhearted.  Immediately, she heard a voice calling behind her 'Bavathy, Biksham Dehi.   Dehi mey Biksha'.   She turned to look for the caller.   There,  she found a pious sanyasin waiting for alms.  She asked him to wait for  a minute and immediately brought herself back with a plate full of fruits.  As soon as she reached near the protection line drawn by Lakshman, she was  doubtful to cross it or not.  The sanyasin  already found it difficult to cross the  'Lakshman Rekha'.   He continued his yelling for alms.  He declared that how sinful it would be to send off a sanyasin without alms.  A Sanyasin is the one who constantly in search of 'Brahma'  and very close to Lord Vishnu, sending him with empty handed would be a terrible sin.   He persuaded Sita Devi to cross the line and give the alms.  She dutifully listened to the words of the pious sanyasin.   

Soon after crossing  Lakshman rekha, the pious looking sanyasin got hold of Sita Devi's hand.  He turned himself into 'Dashanan' the demon King Ravana and commented on Sita Devi's beauty in a playful alluring way. (  Just imagine how painful it would be, The Mother of the Universe, who was  well deserved to be worshipped by the dities).    Sita Devi pleaded and tried hard to get rid of him.  Unfortunately,  Dashanan did not pay any attention   to her pleadings.  He forcefully took Sita Devi into his 'Pushpaka Vimanam' (A chariot made of all  varieties of flowers with alluring scent and famous vehicle of Lord Kubera.  The chariot move at the will of the passenger.   It can reduce its size into smaller or bigger according to the size needed.   It had all the comforts and luxuries in it.)

On their way to Lanka, the King of birds (Pakshi Rajan) Jatayu appeared  from nowhere at the cries of Sita Devi.   Jatayu and Ravan had a big fight and Jayatu got  his wings cut down.  Helpless Jatayu returned to the ground in a pathetic state. 

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

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