A Tribute to Sri Purandara Dasa !! Part VIII !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Purandara Dasa in one of his Krithis, explains the importance of a Guru in the following lines:
Guru Upadesha  Villatha Snanavu, Dhyanavu, Japavum, Thapavum, Mantravu, Thanthravu
Guru Vysarayarey…..Karuna thinthali  Yenakkey Purandara Vittalaney Upadeshitharakey

In the above lines, Purandarasa Dasar explains about the Mercy of Guru (Sadguru Kripa).    Dasar learnt  the essence of Bhakti from  His Guru Vyasarayar.  He realised  that the peace derived out  of Bhakti could never match  with the wealth and the fame he had earned all these years.  Dasar left his crores of wealth behind and went for Unchavruthi (Biksha) singing and praising the glory of Lord.  He heartily desired to have his Biksha from whoever willing to do  Annadhanam and  charity, those who respect their parents and Guru and those who worship Lord.   Krishna Devaraya  came to know the story of  Cheenappa Naikkar.  the King came rushing towards Naikkar to enquire  about the sudden change in his life and the reason for leaving behind his wealth.  Purandara Dasar  was sitting in his hermitage after unjchavruthi.   Krishna Devaraya with  a lot of respect, moved towards  Dasar and asked him what had happened to him.   Dasar revealed the fact that he had lost nothing in his life, instead he gained something precious and invaluable with the blessings of Lord Hari.    Krishna Devarayar understood the  fact that Purandara Dasar was truly a rich man indeed. 

Purandara Dasar decided to Leave to Pandharpur to have Dharshan of Lord Panduranga.  After Chandrabaga snamam,  with his  children and family  he arrived at  Pandharipur Temple.  With overflowing emotions and  happiness he entered  the sanctum Sanctorum of  Lord Panduranga with wavering foot steps,  without knowing how to praise the  beauty of Lord.  His face illuminated like thousand Suns ,  Keeridam ( crown ), Kundalam (earrings),   Lotus Eyes,  Nose,  beautiful  Lips, Pattu Peethambaram ,Bujam (hands), Vakshthalam ( broad shoulders), Navaratnamala,  Vaijayanthimala, Waist , Thighs, Lotus feet, the shining Jewels added the beauty of Lord Panduranga.   He hugged Panduranga with love and affection.  He was little bit confused of praising which quality of Lord - whether his kindness or beauty, grace, Love, affection, valour,  etc... the countless qualities of him.   

He  lived in a hut  near the  Pandharpur temple for several years.  He visited many pilgrim centres in order to spread the Devarnama.  He succeeded in his endeavour in  his mission of spreading Bakthi.  He went to Tirupati and composed many krithis praising the glory of Lord Balaji .

 Venkatachala Nilayam Vaikundha Pura Vasam.....
Venkataramananey Baro Sheshachala Vasaney Baro.....

He continued his divine journey through Mysore, Nanjakode, Melkotai, Namakkal etc..  spreading Devarnama and  went back to Pandharpur.  He heartily desired for a disciple who could continue the divine endeavor of spreading Devarnama through Sangeetha Sampradaya  after his death.  A lady who was cleaning the Pandharpur temple had a deep desire to learn  from Dasar.    Purandara Dasar started giving lessons to his disciple.  People started criticising him and teasing him in selecting a Dasi Girl as his disciple.  Dasar did not  bothered about anything.   But Lord  Panduranga worried about Dasar  and  the insult of the people humbly suffered by Purandara Dasar………..

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

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