Details about the Trip to Badrinath !! Part VI !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Lord Badri Narayana gives dharshan to His devotees, holding Conch (Shangu) and Disc (Chakra) in each hands respectively and the other two hands in Yoga Mudra posture, seated in Padmasana.  He is the Acharaya to Maharishi Narada.  Lord Badri Narayana advised Ashtakshara Mantra to Narada and to the entire world as well.  On His right  Lord Kubera, Sri Garuda and on His left Nara, Narayana and Maharishi Narada can be seen.  As mentioned earlier,  the idol of Lord Badri Narayana  is made of 'Salagrama' (black stone). 

There is Nilkant Peak nearby the Nara Narayana mountain ranges.  The Nara Narayana mountain ranges also known as 'Kuber Bhandar'.  It is believed that the treasure chest of Lord Kubera  contains precious stone and jewels are hidden under the peak .    The city Alakapuri is 25 km from Badri was  once the Kingdom of Lord Kubera and the place of origin of River Alakananda. 

It is believed that whoever visits this holy land attain Salvation.

Jai Sriman Narayana !! 

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