Srimad Bagavatham - The Time of Sunset - Sandhya !! Part II

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Sage Kashyapa explains to his wife Dithi that during evening one should pray to Lord, Nama sankeerthanam  and lighten the Lamp after abulations.  The lightening of Lamp helps to  remove all the darkness in the house.   Lord Rudra looks for the people who does not follow these kind of auspicious activities and punishes them. Lord Rudra has no one as enemy and no one close, all are equal to Him.  Lord Shiva won over  Maya – Illusions and we are the ones falling to Maya,  longing for all material and immaterial things without knowing the Truth that everything is perishable.  Nothing in this Universe is Permanent .   Even Ravana did severe penance and asked Lord Shiva for Fame.  Lord Rudra  never does any partiality to sinners, He performs his Duty as the Destroyer.  He wants  every soul  to attain salvation and  gives dharshan during the time of Pradosham without any jewels or elegant ornaments.  He gives us the Dharshan as Digambareshwar with  serpents on his body, tiger skin  around His waist and smeared  ashes all over his body.  To remind us the eternal Truth – Everything is going to be ashes and nothing is going to remain. 

Lord Rudra wants  to save  us from ignorance and make us aware of  the Truth with the smear of ashes on His body.  Lord Shiva gives dharshan to us in this form to hate the materialistic thinking and way of life. During sunset, one should  worship  Lord Surya Narayana.  During this time  of Sandhya, one should not sleep or spend time on bed.  This is the time to worship Lord and chant Adithya Hrudayam.  During  the time of Sunset, one should avoid unwanted speeches as the urge to do  good things will be lesser than that of evil.  The  Kaliyuga has all the evil forces because of the ignorance of finding a right time to have an offspring.   This is also one of the reasons which adds misery to human life.  Lord Brahma, all the deities and Maya  worship Lord Rudra during the time of Pradosham.

At the time of Sunset, all the living beings undergo  chemical changes  in their body organs like  digestive system, uterus, blood vessels etc.  This is what happens  during the times of  eclipse too.  The tendency to do evil things and evil characters dominate in these hours.  It brings out Tamassik  and Rajassik  nature of all the living beings.   This is one of the reasons   Sage Kashyapa insists to spend these hours in worshipping Lord.   The Brahma Muhurtham provides intelligence and all the Satwik qualities while the time of Sunset brings all the Rajassik and Tamassik qualities. 

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

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