Linga Puranam - Glory of Dwadhashakshara Mantra !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Linga Puranam describes the glory of Dwadhashakshar Mantra 'Om Namo Baghavathey Vasudevaya'.

Sage Sutji describes to the sages that the Dwadhashakshara Mantra provides Salvation to who really seeks 'Brahmam' - the Supreme Lord with the recurring thoughts of Lord Vishnu and chanting the Dwadhakshara Mantra 'Om Namo Bhagavathey Vasudevaya'.  The Dwadhashakshara consists of twelve letters which has the power to attain the highest spiritual well being, the attainment of nearness to Lord Vishnu and Sri Mahalakshmi.


Once there lived a Brahmin who had the habit of stammering while speaking.  He had a son - Etareva.  The Brahmin spent pretty good time to teach his son the Dwadhashakshara Mantra 'Om Namo Bhagavathey Vasudevaya'.  Though he tried to teach his son the Mantra with his sincere effort, he could not become successful at his endevour.  In the meantime, the Brahmin who happened to marry for the second time, as he was unhappy with his first wife.  In his second marriage, the Brahmin got many studious children. 

Etareva continued his life with his mother.  His habit of stammering did not take him anywhere.  After seeing the intelligence of the step brothers of Etareva, his mother started blaming and cursing him for his fate.  She was very upset and unhappy with Etareva's stammering habit.  All her step sons were intelligent and thereby, they attained good respect and fame within the society.  It made her to put an end to her life. She declared her intention to her son - Etareva.  Etareva was deeply worried at the remarks of his mother and started chanting and practising the Dwadhashakshara Mantra sincerely.  Finally, he had been able to chant the Dwadhashakshara Mantra ' Om Namo Bhagavathey Vasudevaya' without stammering.

Once Etareva happened to pass by the place where the Yagna was being  held.  As soon as he reached the Yagna place, all the priests who were immersed in chanting Yagna Mantra lost their voices.  It brought an abrupt silence in the Yagna procedures. All the priests were panic struck and tried to bring out their voice by pronouncing the Mantra.  After seeing the sudden change of the situation, Etareva started to chant the Dwadhashakshara Mantra 'Om Namo Bhagavathey Vasudevaya' with good pronounciation and clarity.  Immediately all the priests regained their voices and continued the Yagna procedures.  Later, Etareva became the renowned scholar as a result of his continuous chanting of the Dwadhashakshara Mantra. 

The greatness of Dwadhashakshara Mantra removes all the sins and brings attainment of the Lotus feet of Lord Vishnu.

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

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