Life of Sri Budhha!! One of the 22 Avathars of Lord Mahavishnu!!

Jai Sriman Narayana!!

Jai Sriman Narayana!!


Aseem said...

Gautam Buddha was not avataram of lord vishnu. Gautam Buddha did not believe in god or Idol worship.well if u see other Avatar of lord vishnu he would be worshiping any god for ex Sri ram worshiping Shiva tht's y we have all this holy temples including Rameshwaram. Buddha did self Realization tht's all. He did not realize god. he was against idol worship and now every one is selling his Idol and worshiping him.Bharatvarsha is land of 7 sages ,God and Godess that is why every one including mother from Pondicherry came,but clever humans for there Benefit advertise these people as some great Saint or God. and with out deep thinking and knowledge we just accept it. Buddhism was destroying India on tht time Adi sankara came and established the Shakti peetha and he traveled all over including Badrinath,Kashmir and so on. I have studied budhism, it is a total failure , it does not teach one self to protect from the enemy . As in our scriptures , vedas , and even Great Epic Mahabaratha tells u to stand and fight against Adharma.Krishna upadesam is all about it. Look Dali lama ,he left is country ran from there bcos of china and seek help from India and not lives here. We PROTECT him. It means we are ready to fight for him . If Gautam buddha was Narayana why will he confuse people ? in One avatar He become Rama (Sat yuga) and Krishna (threta yuga)and fight and as the yuga's pass by in kali yuga he takes Avatar of gautam budha and says no Fighting against your Right,and Dharma??? I hope i have made clear tht buddhism as nothing to do with Narayana.

UmaSubu said...

Hello Mr. Aseem,

According to Bagavatha Puranam, Lord Sriman Narayana has 22 Avatharams and Sri Budhha Avatharam is one amongst them. By the way, Rama Avatharam has taken place in Thretha Yuga and Sri Krishna Avatharam has taken in Dwapara Yuga. Its specifically mentioned in the Puranam itself that Sriman Narayana will take the avatharam as Kali at the end of Kaliyuga...What I have written here is from my little knoweledge...Please bear with me.

Jai Sriman Narayana!!

Anonymous said...

The pictures are beautiful!
'Avathars' are very complex to be described.
There are 'poorna Avathars and 'Parswa Avathars' They cannot be numbered. You can perceive some quality which is God personified in any given being and you will "see" God in them. These are 'Avathars too. Apart from the 10 principle 'Avathars' described in the 'Vedas'

Aseem said...

Dear Uma ,
I missed about The yuga Dates. But i am 100 percent sure about Buddha not being Vishnu avatar.Some time when people re write the puran's they Interpret there views too. Even now in southern India nobody accept or even consider Buddha as incarnation of Maha Vishnu. This rumor is Famous in North India. why do Adi shankara has to re establish Hinduism ? In my opinion you are doing a Very good job ,just dig Deep and have far sight. As i and you are also In Direct Children of Lord vishnu and lakshmi. As the previous post Anonymous said u and me can also be Avatar.

Andy said...

hi, think i aagree with aseem.. buddha never taught in god or idol worship...

btw i want to ask.. who draw this verry beautiful pic? just wondering.. thanks..

UmaSubu said...

This is one of topic discussed very often. Recently, I have read life of Sri Buddha in one of the Puranas ( I don't remember the name of it) I will be able to write about the same in one of these days.

The Pictures are definitely not my contribution, happend to receive through mail.

Anonymous said...

Yeah its pretty confusing...Go through Kalki Purana...It talks about eradicating Buddhists..

Haou Suou said...

Hahaha... I'm Buddhis, but I think I'll have to agree to both of you. As you said Mr. Aseem, Buddhis does not have any god or something like that, but it has been said that there's something more powerful that didn't been created, can't die, didn't incarnate, and absolute. Buddha said this on Sutta Pitaka, Udana VIII : 3.

There's something more powerful there. There's someone (/something??) who is more superior than us. Only, Buddha didn't explain who, what did he do, etc. But, in Sriwijaya's scripture in Indonesia, they found that the one Buddha mean named Sanghyang Adi Buddha (The Greatest of All). Well, since it's only one, it's okay if you want to ignore it. Anyway, what I mean is something/someone with greater or greatest power existed in Buddhism too.

And I don't think Buddha and Vishnu is one and same person. Buddha isn't incarnation of Maha Vishnu. I totally agree with you, and I couldn't add more. It just doesn't (what's the word...?, like, match with each other or something? I couldn't find the word, but I'm agree that Buddha isn't Maha Vishnu incarnation.

I agree with you on that Buddhism did not teach a way to defend ourselves physically, but Buddhism is teaching us a different way to defend ourselves. Through our mind. If we have complete control of what we do, saying, etc, then I believe I have no fear that I will involved or created battle or war. (<- this example is on my point of view). Like that. If you have a healthy mind, you're bound to have a better body. I think it's like that.

But, anyway, you have a pretty good question. And you have studied Buddhism too? Wow. Thanks for the effort, man ^^ Whatever the reason is, I'm still very happy when other people said they studied Buddhism. Really, thank you. For both your effort and your good question :)

I also apologize if I offend someone in any way. Do believe me, it's not my intent. Really. I would like to know about what people think out there, so I'm open to all critique and suggestion. Please do comment about this in any way you want.

I'm really interested in your point of view, Mr. Aseem. Hope I can meet you someday.

Thank you for your attention (to anyone who've read this long comment and made this post about life of Buddha, really, thank you)