In the year 2009 we had arranged an Ithihasam Written Test for children at our residence during the summer holidays.  There were 20 children who participated and most of them scored excellent grades.  This is what we feel real achievement in our life.  We had sent the questions and answers by email to all the participants and the children were so sincere enough to study them and attend the Test.  I thank all the children and their parents for their great effort.  I am producing the Test Paper below here, it will be useful for the children who are missed to attend.




  1. Who wrote ramayana?
  1. Write the Kandas in Ramayana in order?
Bala kandam, Ayodhya Kandam, Aranya Kandam, Kishkinda Kandam, Sundara Kandam,Yudha Kandam
  1. Name the wives of King Dasarath?
Kousalya, Kaikeyi, Sumithra
  1. The name of King Dasarath’s Kingdom?
  1. Name the children of King Dasaratha?
Sri Rama, Lakshman, Bharatha, Shatrugna
  1. What was the curse King Dasaratha has got?
Dasaratha would die of anguish and grief of separation from his son.
  1. Which is the birth day of Lord Rama?
Chaithra - Pournami
  1. Dasaratha blessed Kaikeyi with 2wishes, what are they?
To make Bharatha King and banish Rama to the forest
  1. Who is the Guru of Lord Sri Rama?
Sage Viswamithra
  1. The name of Lord Sri Rama’s Divine Bow?
  1. What was the challenge Lord Rama has to face to marry Seetha?
He has to break the Shiva Danuss to marry seetha
  1. Who was the deer (Maya man) appeared in front of seetha during her Vanavasam?
  1. The name of the hill in which Sugreevan hid?
  1. Who was the guardian angel of Lanka?
  1. Who was Ravana’s bravest son?
  1. Who was the strongest Vanara to cross the Ocean to Lanka?
Sri Hanuman
  1. Who was the Father of Hanuman?
Vayu (Pavan)
  1. What is the name of the garden in which seetha was kept as a prisoner?
Asoka vanam
  1. Who was the oldest and wisest member of Sugriva’s Army?
  1. Who was the wife of Ravana?
  1. Who was the brother of Ravana?
  1. Who was the sister of Ravana?
  1. When was the Rama Avatar taken place?
Threytha yuga
  1. Who will become “Indra”?
Who perform 100 Horse Sacrifice (Ashwamedha yajnam) will become Indra
  1. What was the name of the holy cow of Sage Vasishta?
Sabala or Nandini
  1. When Lord Rama and seetha Devi’s wedding was took place?
Panguni – Uthram
  1. Lord Hanuman denotes what are the qualities?
Love, Intelligence, Strength
  1. Who was Sampathi?
Brother of Jadayu – Sampathi informed Hanuman about the ‘Asoka Vanam’  the hidden place of seetha in Lanka
  1. Where did Bakthi ( one of the way to reach Lord’s feet) born?
Tamil Nadu

Bhagavath Gita:

  1. What was the birth day of Lord Krishna?
Ashtami - Rohini
  1. Which is the birth place of Lord Krishna?
  1. Who are the real parents and the Foster parents of Lord Krishna?
Devaki, Vasudevar & Yesodha, Nandagopar
  1. Who was Lord Krishna’s Guru?
  1. While Krishna was a baby, who was the Rakshasi tried to kill him?
  1. Name of Lord Krishna’s conch (Shell)?
  1. The total number of Chapters in Bhagavat Gita?
18 Chapters
  1. When was the Koorma Avatar of Lord Mahavishnu taken place?
While churning the Mandara Parvatham for Am Ruth
  1. What are the Pancha boothas?
Vayu, Agni, Water, Prithvi, Sky
  1. When the Narasimha Avatar was taken place?
To save Prahladha from his father Hiranya Kashyapu
  1. What are the numbers of Ithihasams and what are they?
2 Ithihasams – Ramayana & Mahabharata
  1. What are the total numbers of puranams?
18 puranams
  1. The total numbers of avatharams of Lord Maha Vishnu?
22 avatharams
  1. What are the 10 avatharams of Lord Maha Vishnu well known to the world?
Matsya, Koorma, Varaha, Narasimha, Vamana, Parasurama, Sri Rama, , Sri Krishna, Sri Buddha, Kalki
  1. Who is four faced Lord?
Lord Brahma
  1.  Who is horse faced Lord?
  1. Who is the creator?
Lord Brahma
  1. Who is the Preserver?
Lord Mahavishnu
  1. Who is the Destroyer?
Lord Shiva
  1. Which yuga the Krishnavatharam taken place?
Dwapara yugam
  1. Who is the Guru of Goddesses Saraswathi?
  1. Which is the greatest amongst the temples?
  1. Which is the greatest amongst the rivers?
  1. Which is the great epic?
  1. Who is the first person to talk in Bhagavat Gita?
Dhrutharashtrar to Sanjaya
  1. What’s the name of the first chapter in Bhagavat Gita?
Arjuna Vishadhayogam (Grief of Arjuna)
  1. In which chapter Bagavan Sri Krishnan speaks for the first time?
In Second chapter – Sangya yoga
  1. What was the main purpose of Varaha Avatar of Lord Mahavishnu?
To retrieve Mother Earth submerged under the waters
  1. Name the snake which is used as the churning rope while searching for amrutham?
  1. Who introduced Vishnu Sahasranamam to this world? When?
Bhishma – at his Sharashayya


  1. Who wrote Mahabarath?
Veda Vyasa
  1. Which yuga the Mahabharata has taken place?
Dwapara yugam
  1.  Who are the parents of Bhishma pitamaha?
Ganga & Shanthanu
  1. What was the famous “Bheeshma Sapatham (promise)”?
Nithya Brahma Chari
  1. Who was the blind king in Mahabarath?
  1. Who is Kunthi’s son?
  1. Who are the parents of Padavas?
Pandu & Kunthi
  1. Name the ‘Pancha Padavas”?
Dharmaputra, Arjuna, Bheema, Nakulan, Sahadevan
  1. How long the Mahabharata yudha prolonged?
18 days
  1. The name of Arjuna’s bow and conch?
Gandeevam -

Athmeekam ( Common questions):

1.      Name the four Vedas?
Rig, Yajur, Samam, Adharvanam
2.      Name the four Varnas?
Brahmanan, Kshatriyan, Vaishyan, Shudran
3.      Write the three gunas?
Swathikam, Rajass, Thamo gunam
4.      Name the four yugas?
Kritha, Thretha, Dwapara, Kali yugam
5.      Which state is known for parameswara Kshetram?
6.      Where did Bagavan Adi Sankara Bagavathpadal born? How many years he lived?
Kaladi – 32 years
7.      Who are the parents of Adi Sankara?
Sivaguru & Arya Antharjanam
8.      Where did Sri Ramanuja born?
9.      Who was the first Azhwar in Vaishnava Sampradaya?
10.  Thirujyana Sambadhar’s famous krithi (Pasuram)?
11.  Which is the famous krithi of Thulasidasa?
Ramacharitha Manas
12.  Who wrote Geetha Govindam or Ashtapadhi?
13.  Name any 2 nayanmars out of 63?
Thirujyana Sambadhar, Manikka Vasakar
14.  Who wrote ‘Thirupukazh’ praising Lord Muruga?
Arunagiri Nathar
15.  Who provided the ‘Lalitha Sahasranamam’ to this world?
16.  Who was the ‘pitamaha’ of Pandavas and kauravas?
17.  Who wrote ‘Thiruppavai’?
Andal or Godhai (daughter of Periya azhwar)
18.  Which is the Tamil month represent Bagavan Krishna?
19.   Who is Abisheka Priyan?
Lord Shiva
20.  Who is Alan Kara Priyan?
Lord Krishna
21.  Who is Vishnu Chithar?
Periya alwar
22.  What does Govinda means?
The winner of all senses
23.  Who had the boon that he could die whenever he wished?
24.  who wrote Mukunda Mala?
Kulazhekara Azhwar
25.  who wrote Baja Govindam?
Adi Sankara
26.  The Aum (Akaram, Ukaram, Makaram) denotes which Lord?
Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva, Lord Brahma
27.  What are the famous krithi’s of Kalidas?
Kumara Sambavam, Megha Sandesam, Shyamala Dandakam
28.  What are the three ways to surrender to Lord ?
Karma Margam, Jyana Margam, Bakthi Margam
29.  Name the Aarupadai veedu?
Pazhani, Thiruchendur, Swamimalai, Thiruparam kundram, Pazhamuthir cholai, Thiruthani
30.  What are the ‘Pancha Linga shetrams”
Sringeri, Puri, Dwaraka, Badri, Kanchi
31.  In 108 Vaishnava Divyadesangal, which stands first?
Sri Rangam


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