Panguni Uthram at Sri Rangam - Description !! Part III !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

As soon as the door is opened, Lord Azhagiya Manavalan is delighted and rushed in to be with His consort. 

A beautiful scene transpires here. The Lord does not go immediately to our Sri Ranganayaki sannidhi immediately.  But rather goes to the mudhal mandapam and stands there, as if to ascertain whether our Thayar has really accepted and forgiven him. So the Lord sends his vastra across to thayar, which is accept by the Thayar. After this the Lord then directly heads towards and Thayar Sannidhi and then he seats directly across Sri Ranganayaki Thayar. Now our Aranganathan looks at our Thayar's eyes directly as if to ask "why did you make me go through this struggle" and Thayar in turn asks him "Why did you go away without telling me".   At this point of time other than the Sri Ranganayaki's Archakas and our Sriranganathan's Archakas, no one is allowed to be present.

Thus sweet conversation takes place between our Aranganthan and Ranganyaki Thayar as it would take place between any husband and wife. After they have talked for a long time, our Azagiya manavalan asks Thayars permission to go and complete the Panguni uthram thirunal as several devotees are waiting. But Thayar replies that how can she let him without having performed any upacharam.

She then gets delicious and sumptuous "Akkara adasil" prepared for him, with copious amount of milk, rice, dhal ( lentils ) , jaggery and lots pure ghee. Both the husband and wife sit together and have the delicious "Akara adisil" ! The happiness of the lord and the thayar can be seen in the eyes of lord who cannot take his eyes away from the Thayar!

After this beautiful sight, the lord then decides to head towards the beautifully renovated Panguni Uthram mandapam. As soon as our Azagiya manavalan reaches the mandapam, our Thayar immediately, but silently and surreptitiously enters the mandapam as if she doesnt want anybody to talk about or ask her about what happened!! :)

After this the Lord and Ranganayaki Thayar sit together and give darsanam to several devotees who have thronged to see them. It has to be mentioned that here only the thayar is adorned with a garland and not then Lord himself! This is called the Second Ekantham.

Sri Ranganathan and Sri Ranganayaki Thayar have thirumanjanam performed, and the lord and thayar look like newly married couple, immediately after which The chant or the recitation of the Gadhya Thrayam begins. Those heavenly chants fill the air with beatitude and immense happiness. At this time the whole srirangam is very festive and people make sweets and savories as if there is a marraige in their own house.After all, it is a happy and beautiful unification between the Royal couple!

The Gadhya Thrayam starts with the chant of "Vaikunta Gadhyam" and then proceeds with the "Sri RangaGadhyam" and at last ends with the beautiful chant of the  "Sarangadhi gadhyam"!

The Lord then requests thayars permission to go and complete the remaining procession. At this request, our Ranganayaki thayar's face becomes immediately drops and looks downcast, which indicates her reluctance to part the Lord at this point of time. But the thayar then mentions that First she will leave and return back to her Moolasthanam after which the Lord can start. This shows the patience,forbearance and the humility of our beloved Thayar.

The Lord then starts to leave towards the "Goratham (Chariot), before which the peeks into Sri Ranganyaki Thayrs sannidhi, as if to take a glimpse of his beloved wife and  Lord starts for the procession.

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

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So beautiful! No words at all to praise your beautiful description!